What is my maximum capacity?

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Yesterday an ashramite asked me – “How do you know whether I am performing to my maximum capacity?” I told him a story. Once a disciple was untangling a bunch of thread that had got into knots. Disciple suddenly asked the Guru – “How do I know I have removed all the knots?” Guru says – “You will know by the length of the thread. If there are knots, the thread will be short. If all knots of the thread are removed, the thread will be in maximum length.” Understand, each pattern in your mind is a knot. If you don’t have any patterns, you are performing to your maximum capacity. Same way, when you perform to your maximum capacity, there will not be any knots. It is an experience. You will never have tiredness or boredom. And when you perform to your maximum capacity today, your maximum capacity will increase. Being true to your capacity means, continuously working without having the benchmark you created yesterday.

When you are at your maximum capacity, you will know. Your mind cannot fool you so much. Just introspect honestly. When you are performing to your maximum capacity, you will not have this doubt. Many times, you perform to you maximum capacity only when you are in the position of just do or die. That is why I create a high-intensity atmosphere in the sangha. When you are pushing your limits, you realize many of your hidden capacities, extraordinary experiences and energies.

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