Life-satisfaction is the key

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Monday, 26 March 2012

Life is neither capitalistic, nor communistic or socialistic. Please understand, capitalism teaches the ownership - whoever owns is the big guy. Communism teaches - whether you work or not, everything belongs to you. The whole capitalistic philosophy is born out of restlessness - rajas. The whole communist philosophy is born out of inertness – tamas. But life is peace – sattva! Does life believe in communism or capitalism? No. An important component of life is life satisfaction - which is neither capitalistic nor communistic. A country may be capitalist or communist, but the principles of life are neither capitalist nor communist - why you take birth, why you get a disease, why somebody has a high life satisfaction, why somebody has such worst mental disorders?

I tell you, I know millions of fellows who are loaded with billions of rupees, but if you see their personal life, there is so much suffering! Because the principles of life are not supporting them. They have built their lives with narrow self-interest, without any ethical foundation. But the principles of life is totally different. If a country supports capitalism, you may get the benefits given by the country‘s infrastructure - wealth, house, boathouse, more zeros in your bank balance. But only when the life’s principles support you, you will have the gifts of life – health, life satisfaction, the feeling that  life is overflowing. I tell you, anything is worth sacrificing to have this feeling - life is overflowing, life is romance. When this life satisfaction is oozing out, you can inspire, elevate anybody. 


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