Vote for Responsibilism

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Monday, 26 March 2012

Principles of life are neither capitalistic nor communistic. Capitalism says, man who has more is a big guy. Communism says, everybody is equal. The principles of life says, man who takes the responsibility has the right to enjoy - that’s all.

If you want to infuse life principles into your workplace, understand a few things. Capitalism without a strong ethical foundation degenerates into narrow self-interest. So rewrite, rethink, infuse responsibility in all your thinking processes and evaluation. I tell you - you cannot have separate principles for your life and separate principles for your organization. Only way to have integrated principle is, every morning when you gather for work, spend at least one hour understanding responsibility.

Let every person who is part of your organization feel the responsibility. Let every individual look into the responsibility. The organization will be successful only when every individual understands the principles of life. You might have trained someone spending thousands of dollars. Suddenly he is in depression - what can you do? All your investment is waste. So when you are training people to work, train them to be alive and live. Alignment to life’s purpose is the need. Life’s principles are based neither capitalism nor communism, they are based on responsibilism. If you want to be healthy, take responsibility in that direction. If you want to explode in spiritual zone, take responsibility in that direction. If you want wealth, take responsibility in that direction. Chisel your life with the tool called responsibility.


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