Wealth is life energy

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Creation is all about high enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means being in a constant state of high energy for no particular reason. Whether you realize it or not, enthusiasm is a natural quality of all living beings. It is your very quality, just like your breathing. It is the natural life-force that runs through us all, urging us to move continuously towards greater and greater creativity and expansion. Expansion is the natural flow of life. The creation of abundance in any form is the very nature of life - whether it is material wealth, knowledge, relationships or spiritual wisdom. Are you creating ‘wealth blocks’ for yourself? If you are not creating wealth, ask yourself where you are blocking off your life-energy. Are you carrying a secret guilt about wealth? Do you feel you are not worthy of wealth? Do your feel that having wealth is in some way wrong? Or are you afraid that you might not be able to manage wealth? If you watch yourself very closely, you will find that you are blocking off your own fullest expression in some way. A simple clarity about where you are creating these energy blocks for yourself is the first step towards creating abundance.