7 simple practices to get and stay wealthy

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1) Keep your thoughts and mental set-up always aligned to abundance. As long as you are caught in the idea that you aren’t wealthy yet, your central focus is going to be poverty, not wealth. And remember, the thoughts in which you invest maximum energy are what is going to manifest as your reality! 2) Don’t hesitate to take a long hard look at your past relationship with wealth. Become aware of your attitude blocks concerning wealth. Acknowledging the problem is the first step towards solving it. 3) If you find that you are stuck in negative mental patterns that are drawing you are again and again into the poverty cycle, turn to meditation. Meditation is an excellent way of flushing out unconscious negative patterns from your system. 4) Be ready to take the steps to transform your dreams into reality. Plan intelligently and work hard. Wealth, like everything else in life, needs to be earned. A wealthy consciousness attracts wealth. 5) Don’t be afraid to try and fail. Agonizing over past failures and making them excises to not to take the next step forward is the surest way to kill your chances. Remember, every time is a completely new chance and a fresh experience. 6) Be prepared for the truth that nobody is wealthy all the time. The nature of wealth is to come and go. When it is with you, it brings joy, and when it leaves you, it leaves you with the intelligence to handle the experience. Be aware and be ready to flow with both these experiences. 7) Carry a beautiful inner space that can never be touched or corrupted by wealth. Being prepared for anything is a mental effort which needs to be mastered. But if you can stay in a meditative state all the time, the whole process becomes sweet and effortless.