Cleaning your inner space to attract wealth

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE One of the powerful techniques for attracting wealth is using your power of visualization and manifestation. But as we are only too aware, every intention we have, no matter how strong or deep, does not automatically become reality! Why is this? For an intention or desire to be transformed into reality, your inner space or inner screen needs to be totally clean. As of now, your inner space is corrupted by many unconscious thoughts. The moment you insert a conscious intention into your inner space, ten unconscious thoughts will rise to fight with it! So the power of your intention is diluted and naturally it cannot become reality. When your inner space is cleansed of unconscious thoughts, whatever intention goes in will be a single, conscious, integrated force. This intention will be powerful enough to express itself as reality. This technique is a simple but powerful way to clean your inner screen of unconscious thoughts by infusing awareness into it. Even if it looks too simple, try it. Only when you do it can you experience the effects. The whole restaurant can be reduced to a menu card. Only when you eat will you realize that the food can fill you! Duration: 21 minutes INSTRUCTIONS Close your eyes. Sit straight. Inhale and exhale as slowly and as deeply as possible. Visualize your inner screen as a dark blackboard, as dark as possible. Whatever appears on that inner blackboard, start visually wiping it away. Just as an eraser is used to clean a blackboard, in the same way just wipe clean the inner blackboard or inner screen. Now, visualize the number ‘3’ on your inner screen. Visualize it very clearly and then wipe it away slowly. Repeat this three times. Next, visualize the number ‘2’ on your inner screen, and then wipe it away slowly. Repeat this three times. Then, visualize the number ‘1’ and wipe it away slowly in the same way. Repeat this three times. Now visualize the number ‘0’ and wipe it away very slowly. Repeat this three times. By the time you reach the number zero, you will have no thoughts that are unconscious. You will reach awareness before you start creating thoughts unconsciously. Your visualization becomes so powerful that the inner screen really becomes empty. The moment the inner screen becomes empty, you can start looking in. You will begin seeing your being as it is. Now, just witness the empty screen. Do not create, maintain or destroy any thought. Just witness the empty screen. Continue to be with yourself for a few moments. This simple technique can sharpen your powers of visualization in ways you will never imagine! Visualization is a powerful way to attract abundance into your life.