Wealth and charity

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Wealth is like water. Jump into it, enjoy it, play with it – but never try to hold it in your closed fist. The law of wealth is this – when it is shared, you are showered with it. There is no rich man who became rich just by being a miser. There is no poor man who became poor by giving. It is the law of nature! Wealth and identity Interestingly, people who cannot share wealth are usually those who secretly believe they do not deserve the wealth they own! When we are afraid to share our wealth, it means we have a deep doubt of our ability to create more wealth. We feel that we are wealthy by fluke or accident, and if we give away our wealth, we may never be able to create the same wealth again. If we can be certain that we will lose nothing by giving freely, charity would come more readily to us! Giving freely does not mean that you should allow yourself to be exploited. Charity is not foolishness. Having a clear idea of how much we have, how much we need and how much we can create again, will give you the intelligence to handle your wealth without fear or greed. When you are sure that nothing can ever be taken away from you, you will stop protecting your wealth in irrational ways. Charity is a spiritual practice! When we give in charity, it means that we are ready to take responsibility for the well-being of others. We beak the boundary of our own narrow identity and its selfish demands The instant we become ready for this, we naturally become a channel that carries out the universe’s plan of abundance for all. We create a vast space within ourselves through which wealth can flow out to all. When you become a channel for the universal flow of wealth, how can you not be wealthy yourself? Far from making us poorer, charity is a beautiful way to enrich oneself and others, both materially and spiritually.