The Secret Art of Living
Psychologists say that a person living in western countries never sleeps for more than 14 minutes at a stretch — more often it is less. After 14 minutes he comes back to the dream state or wakeful consciousness or just floats in the dream level. You never need to have any dreams. You can directly...
Don’t be angry, be aware
WATCH someone who gets angry very quickly. The more he gets angry, the more he seems addicted to being angry. Getting angry does not resolve problems. Biologists tell us that repeated behaviour actually rewires the brain. Neural networks get established with repeated behaviour pattern. What...
Questions to end all questions!
WHEN we ask a question, many a times the answers we get are unexpected. One such question is: Who Am I? We will certainly ask many questions in our lifetime. This question is central to all our other questions. The other questions supplement and compliment this central question.
Awareness in pain brings you bliss
PAIN — whether physical, mental or emotional — has only a negative existence, like darkness. Darkness exists only in the absence of light. As such, it has no positive existence of its own. In the same way, pain exists only in the absence of awareness.
Mountains become mustard seeds!
WE CRINGE when questions come our way. We try to avoid searching questions that cause us to look within. Only questions that lead us towards the experience of peace will give us bliss. Bliss or joy is grossly misunderstood. We equate it with the excitement of a new acquisition
Aloneness leads to enlightenment
WE ARE constantly searching outside for answers. It is almost as if the answers to all our questions and problems can be found outside, somewhere, somehow. How often do we succeed in that?
Let joy rise from within you!
Our Vedic scriptures say that we are divine creatures whose true nature is bliss. We are created to enjoy the pleasures and the bounty of the Earth. Scriptures have clearly said that the source for this pleasure is from within. Only when bliss, joy, and pleasure spring from within, do they bring...
Discovering and celebrating that you are unique is living enlightenment
As we go through life, various mental setups get created within us. More and more of our personality becomes molded by the people we are with and the situations we encounter. Unfortunately, a lot of this is shaped by the media. Television creates programs in such a way as to draw you into it, and...
Losing Weight the Vedic Way
Weight gain and obesity are ballooning out of control around the world. With obesity on the rise in all age groups and the accompanying chronic illnesses of diabetes, and depression due to low self esteem, people are spending billions of dollars on obesity and related disease.
Cleaning your inner space to attract wealth
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE One of the powerful techniques for attracting wealth is using your power of visualization and manifestation. But as we are only too aware, every intention we have, no matter how strong or deep, does not automatically become reality!
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE There are three aspects to our life: doing, having and being...
Meditation makes you smarter!
There have been many studies to discern the effect of meditation on the speed and correctness of perception and response...
Which is the best meditation path?
Q. Different people emphasize different paths of meditation like yoga, tantra, bhakti (devotion) etc. Which path is best?...
Body relaxation before sleep
When you lie down to sleep, it normally takes at least 15 minutes for your body to relax totally. All the stress built up during the day has to be gradually released before you can fall asleep...
Let your chakras breathe!
Your chakras are the points at which pranic energy enters your body. If they are kept in an energized condition, you will be free from all types of diseases. Pranic breathing from the various chakras is a quick way to rejuvenate yourself...