Meditation makes you smarter!

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There have been many studies to discern the effect of meditation on the speed and correctness of perception and response. Two specific studies were done at Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, England. In one study, the participants were given lines of letters with different numbers of dashes marked above the letters. They had to cross out the letters with multiple dashes, as quickly as possible. In another study, the participants were shown the words like “RED”, “BLUE”, “GREEN” printed in different colored inks. They had to quickly name the color of the ink the word was written in. Normally, this is difficult because your brain tends to read the word rather than look and identify the color of the ink that the word is written in! They found that the meditators were much faster and made about half the number of errors as the non-meditators. This proves that meditation directly and significantly improves your awareness, attention, memory, concentration, response time and visualization skills!