Meditation clears the unconscious

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Each of us experiences two states of mind in our day to day life - one with thoughts, another without thoughts. For example, we know we have thoughts when we are awake. But in deep sleep, do we have thoughts? No. So there are two states of mind: with thoughts and without thoughts. What we don’t know is, our being also experiences two states. In one state, we have a clear identity of ‘I’. When we are awake, all of us clearly experience ourselves as ‘I’, we carry a clear identity about ourselves. In the waking state we remember our identity - I am this, I am that. When we are awake, our ‘I’ consciousness will be like an undercurrent – alive all the time. But in deep sleep, we don’t experience the ‘I’ consciousness, am I right? When we are in deep sleep, we don’t have the feeling of ‘I’. In deep sleep, we don’t remember our identity. With meditation, you can create an increasing influence and awareness over both your thinking state and the unconscious state. Instead of the dream state, the blissful state will start penetrating the waking and deep sleep states! The more we meditate, the more we raise our consciousness of the fourth state. Turiya itself only means ‘fourth’, because you cannot give an exact name to this state. You can call it by any of these names: samadhi, enlightenment, nirvana… When this state starts penetrating and overlapping the waking and deep sleep states, we will see good health happening in the body, mind and being. A simple understanding of the four states of consciousness can initiate a psychological revolution in you. It is your master key! By applying this understanding every moment of your life, you will see that in every decision, your thought process flows towards meditation and clarity, and every decision is influenced in the right way! You experience a powerful cognitive shift in the way you receive information, process it and act on it in the best possible way. The whole purpose of meditation is to more and more of the blissful state into our waking state and deep sleep state. Bringing yourself completely out of the waking, dream and deep sleep states for a while, is what I call meditation. If your waking and deep sleep states are constantly illumined by the fourth state, that is jeevan mukti - living enlightenment!