Date Title
26-Feb-2017 Neurology Of Reality - Living Sadashivoham Process, Session 6
16-Feb-2017 Persistence makes Ganga break the Himalayas; Persistence, not Force, makes us Manifest Powers!
10-Feb-2017 You Can Manifest Yourself as You Want! You Are Not the Final Product; You Are the Seed!
05-Feb-2017 Understand Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching through the Five Faces of Sadashiva
15-Jan-2017 Shuddhadvaitam: The Gateway to Extraordinary Powers
19-Dec-2016 Hinduism and the Future of Science, Rajiv Malhotra Interviews Paramahamsa Nithyananda
13-Jul-2016 Ask The Avatar: Interview With Rajiv Malhotra and Paramahamsa Nithyananda
28-Jun-2016 The Power Of Will
27-Jun-2016 Shanti Mantra - Invoke Peace, the First Priority to Exist
21-Jun-2016 Yoga Webinar 2016: What you need to know about yoga
14-May-2015 How to do Completion with Others?
26-Nov-2014 Change the World with Chanting
18-Nov-2014 Shivoham Fulfills All Dimensions of Life
02-Oct-2014 Celebrating Stupidity - The Addiction of Human Beings
01-Oct-2014 Why Do Hindus Perform Idol Worship?
24-Sep-2014 Completion with Ancestors
15-Aug-2014 Desperation is the Traitor of your Soul
02-Aug-2014 You can never be destroyed!
28-Jul-2014 Do You Have a Tantrum Child Inside You
27-Jul-2014 Live Advaitha in Your Doing
26-Jul-2014 Morning Stsang
25-Jul-2014 What is Advaitic Enthusiasm
24-Jul-2014 Advaita Everything of Everything of Everything
23-Jul-2014 Fear of Death is Stupidity
22-Jul-2014 Manipulating Dharma is Karma
21-Jul-2014 Completion is Healing Power
20-Jul-2014 Biggest Mistake of Hinduism
17-Jul-2014 Technique to heal your past
16-Jul-2014 Two types of Reality
15-Jul-2014 Hardwar - Million Year Old University
12-Jul-2014 Gurupoornima 2014 Special Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda (12th July, 2014)