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In today’s (15 Aug 2014) morning satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on the science of completion. He told us that Completion is so powerful it burns pain, creates new space and dilutes the past. The next thing you need to do is re-write your future. The more you re-write your future the more the past incompletions become irrelevant to your life. Completion is having no desperation. Perpetual completion burns down desperation and life happens in you.
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, science of completion, powerful, burns pain, creates new space, dilutes the past, re-write your future, past incompletions, irrelevant, completion, no desperation, perpetual completion, life.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars; sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha; Hyderabad — Gupta Kashi, San Jose — Madurai, Jorpati — Nepal, Hebbal — Bangalore, ((spiritual name of Ohio)) — Ohio, Warrington — UK, Kulim — Tiruttani, Hong Kong — Sirkazhi, Netherlands, Toronto — Kailasam, Seattle — Chidambaram, Nithyananda University Los Angeles, Ohio — Prayag, Guadeloupe — Rameshwaram, Kuala Lumpur — Palani, Houston — Kalahasti, St. Louis, Enriching Temple Bidadi, Mukthananda, Snehamayi, Phoenix — Kanchipuram.

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, Independence Day of India!  Let Mahadeva bless this country, bless this great nation, bless this great land!  Let Mahadeva’s grace be on this country!

Today I wanted to expand on the great truths. I am continuously expanding almost from 2012 December till now, only Science of Completion.  Please understand, there is no other subject I have spoken on so elaborately.  I have not taken up any other traditional scriptures, commenting — nothing! 

From 2012 December to — almost more than one-and-a-half years, closer to two years, I am expanding just on this Science of Completion.  Even though I had many plans in-between that I will comment on some scriptures explaining the Science of Completion, somehow I went on explaining and expanding on the Science of Completion itself.  Today, again, I wanted to share some of the great truths about Completion.

Please listen!  Come to the space of listening!

Completion is such a powerful science, such a powerful principle, such a powerful philosophy, not only it burns all the sufferings, suffocations, pains — please understand, it creates so much of new space for functioning, so much of new space, so much of powerful new space, you can go on be creating!  You can go on be creating! 

Please understand. Every night when you finish Completion, two things are very important:

One, a strong decision not to allow that incompletion again in your inner space.  Completion is not watching TV serial in your inner space — the same thing you are watching every day.  No!  Unfortunately, you guys sit and brood over the same problem every day.  After some time, I think you start enjoying that!  No!  That is not Completion!  Declaring you will not allow that incompletion again to surface into your inner space.

Second, if you have completed with something yesterday night, today morning use that inner space to rewrite your future before the incompletion gets back into your system. Understand — intense, sincere rewriting of the future!  Means, go on rewriting, go on rewriting, go on rewriting!  Please understand, only when you go on rewriting, rewriting, rewriting, the past gets diluted, the past incompletions lose power over you.  If you don’t rewrite your future — means, if you don’t create the new future, naturally you can’t be a vacuum space; so, you tend to get into your past incompletions, or invite, entertain your past incompletions.

Please understand, understand this one great truth. If you go on rewriting your future, means, constantly aligning you to your declared authentic identity. Aligning you to your authenticity, means, raise your Inner Image as you want; raise your Outer Image as you want; take responsibility for Others Image as others want; raise your Life Image and Others Image.  So understand, let the space you get after the Completion be used to create authentic identity.

Please understand, everyone wants peace.  But you need to know, unless the space which you get by peace is used towards authenticity, the peace can never be long-lasting. You will lose it.  Your old incompletions will come back.  Empty mind is Devil’s workshop.  I tell you, it is “Devil’s Home”, not just workshop!  Not only he works there, he RESIDES there!  The absolute empty mind is God’s place.  That is different.  Till you achieve the Perpetual Completion, every empty space you get, you should use it to rewrite your future.  Go on rewriting!  Go on rewriting!  Go on rewriting!

Please listen!  The more and more you rewrite, not only your incompletions get completed, they become irrelevant.  Making your incompletions irrelevant to your present life is Complete Completion.  All the possible incompletions which can happen to human beings, make them irrelevant to you — you are God!  Please listen! 

All the possible incompletions which can happen for human beings: janma, mrityu, jara, dukha — birth, death, disease, pain. All the possible incompletions which can happen to human beings, make them irrelevant to your life. It is possible. Make them all irrelevant to your life — make them all irrelevant to your life — then you are God!  Constantly make all the incompletions irrelevant to your life.  It is possible! 

Go on spending time every night.  I tell you, completing with incompletions in the night puts you in the space of Samadhi.  The more and more nights you spend in Samadhi, the deeper and deeper incompletions leave your system. More and more inner space is developed in you, understand?  You don’t need to have this strong belief you have about you that you can never achieve Completion.  It is solidified stupidity! 

But the good news is, even if it is solid, it can be thrown out. You don’t need to worry with it, struggle with it, suffer with it.  You don’t need to worry with it, suffer with it, struggle with it!  The solid belief — “I cannot achieve Completion” — as I said, solidified stupidity! 

Completion is simply lifestyle — breathing style in your system, because every moment your breathing — the breath which goes inside has to touch the space of Completion. Only then it can take a turn and start coming out.  Same way, every thought finally has to go and fall in that space of Completion; only then a new thought can be created.  But, unfortunately, the new thought does not always get created out of the space of Completion; it gets created anywhere here and there.  But, every thought has to die, fall into the space of Completion.  So you just go deeper and deeper along with that thought.  Just like how the thread catches the needle, and when it goes along with the needle it reaches wherever the needle goes, catch your thought and go wherever it goes and drop where it drops.  Where it drops, it will be the space of Completion!  Completion is the lifestyle of your life.  So, don’t think Completion is difficult, it is impossible.  No!  Completion is the most simplest way of existing. 

“Poornatwa aapka athyanth saral swabhaav hai!” Completion is the most innocent, simplest form of existence. 

The wide smile is because I am making a Hindi statement on my own without the help of teleprompter!  And soon, you can expect more and more statements in Hindi, thanks to Mahabharat!  I am sitting and watching Mahabharat (the television serial) again and again without any translation or any interpreter, just having Hindi dictionary. 

Okay!  Let me come back to the subject.

Completion is your inherent, natural, innocent, breathing space. Pain is the artificial space.  Please understand, to hold on to the pain which you are carrying in your inner-space only needs so much of artificial thinking.  To uphold the pain you carry in your heart, only you need so much of artificial beliefs and thinking.  Perpetual Completion does not need you to uphold it.  It just needs you to be naturally fresh — like morning bamboo, the grass in your feet when you wake up and walk out of your room, the water in the Manasarovar when you sit in the evening, the absolute nature, Arunachala, in Poornima, Banyan Tree, always the absolute space. Please understand, that is your nature.  That is your nature! 

I am telling you, whenever you gain certain level of Completion, whenever you gain certain level of Completion, start rewriting your future, start rewriting your future.  Don’t leave empty space.  Don’t leave unattended space.  Go on rewriting your future.  I am telling you, it is rewriting that creates the space for Completion to stay in your system, to stay within your being.  By rewriting the inner space you get by Completion. 

For example, yesterday the whole day you were with the incompletion of smoking.  Night you completed with it and decided to drop that incompletion.  Today whole day don’t keep quiet.  Do something else like enriching, radiating this Completion.  Then, not only you will be out of smoking, smoking will become irrelevant to you. Understand, smoking will become irrelevant to you!  Your incompletions, your past incompletion should become irrelevant to you.  It should become irrelevant to you.  Only if you make your incompletions irrelevant to you, you are free from them. 

One more secret I want you to remember:  again and again, incompletions coming inside you is because of your lack of awareness at this moment.  There is no such thing as “deeper incompletions”. 

Listen!  For example, you had incompletions of some addiction pattern like smoking or drinking, or non-vegetarian, or something.  If, again and again, your mind goes back to that incompletion, don’t classify them as “deeper incompletions”.  You are lacking awareness this moment, that’s all.  Now complete and get out.  Over! 

They don’t have any more power over you other than this moment.  You believing that they are deeper incompletions, they are continuity of your past, they will stay in you very strongly, is the worst. Is the worst incompletion!  That is like a layered incompletion.  That is what I call “frozen incompletion”.  Not having layered incompletion will awaken your extraordinary powers.  So, don’t believe in layered incompletions. 

The other day I was walking in the evening.  I went up to Gurukul for a casual walk, and I sat outside in that ground, the open ground.  The first examination I myself conducted for the Gurukul kids — about this reading with blindfold.  First, I wanted to tell you guys, whoever I examined, all the kids read hundred percent right!  Not a single kid made a single mistake! 

And I was trying to make one kid read Akashic Records, trying to train.  She made only one small mistake.  May be around ten words I made her read.  In that, only one word she missed.  I was showing the letters “Paramahamsa Shri Nithyananda”.  She read “Paramahamsa Shri Shri Nithyananda”.  That’s all, the only mistake she made.  May be around ten or twenty words I made her read.  Everything else she did so perfect, so perfect, it was just amazing! 

Please understand, it is just because they do not have the layered incompletions and they do not believe the incompletions can be layered and they do not believe something called “strong incompletions”.  They know if there is no Completion, means, if there is an incompletion, it is now. Become aware of it and complete it.  Over!

I tell you, don’t show your desperation to anybody.  They will exploit you!  Being complete means not only not showing, not even having desperation. When you have desperation, you will show it to life and life will exploit you. Don’t even have desperation.  I am not saying don’t show — I am saying, DON’T EVEN HAVE!  Nothing to be desperate.  I am telling you, I went through all possible sufferings.  Nothing to be desperate.  From all my past life experiences I am telling, I went through every possible suffering about which you are afraid of. 

But I wanted you to know that there is nothing to worry.  Even what you imagine as the most painful suffering, even those suffering, nothing to worry.  Nothing is worthy of being desperate.  Not having desperation, not showing desperation, is Completion.  Listen!  I am not saying just “not showing”, but “not having”!  Not having desperation, not showing desperation, is Completion.  There is nothing in this life worthy of you showing desperation.  Deciding to drop the desperation once for all in your life and building the lifestyle of not to have desperation, is Sannyas. 

Absolutely no desperation!  No!  “No desperation” is Sannyas.  I am telling you, in some of my past lives, I have been killed, tortured!  With all my experiences I am telling you, the worst suffering in life, not in human life, but the whole life — life of a fish, tortoise, pig — the whole life, the worst suffering in the whole life is desperation!  Nothing can kill you, nothing can torture you, nothing can be so abusive than desperation.  Completion takes away that from your life.  Completion takes away that.

Desperation means deep separation from the understanding you are the space of Completion.  Completion!  The first thing Completion kills is desperation.  How to know whether somebody is doing Completion every night or not?  The desperation will disappear.  The desperation will disappear.  He may have only one desperation: To be complete!  That’s all!  That will also not be desperate.  Absolute Completion, Complete Completion, Perpetual Completion which burns down all the desperation. 

So many people do stupid things out of desperation. 

Desperation makes you a cheap thief!  Cheap thief! 

I tell you, the worst enemy in your life is you believing desperation is part of you!  He is not part of you; he is your enemy posing as part of you.  Desperation is the traitor of the soul, traitor of your consciousness, atma drohi.  He will act as if he is part of your soul, your consciousness.  Suddenly, end of the day, you will be empty, orphaned.  Then he will laugh at you.

”You trusted me and came in the path in which I took you.  So now where you are!”

Desperation will be atma drohi.  Never believe desperation.  Never make decisions in desperation.  Never be part of the desperated consciousness, desperated mood.  In desperation you can’t handle even you!  Forget about you handling your whole life, you cannot even handle your own inner image. 

I tell you, for life to happen in you, the first Completion you need to do is Completion with your desperation.  Desperation is the only emotion will stands inside you without any logical reason why it exists.  Anything is alive inside you without any logical reason why it exists in you is “Maya”.  Logically you do not know why it is there, but it is there; that is “Maya”. 

Desperation is the first illogical emotion, incompletion, will exist in you for which you don’t have the answer “Why”.  You are desperate.  Why?  Nobody knows!  Because, even you don’t know!  How will anybody else know?  Actually, fear will have some logic.  Desperation is the source from which fear, guilt, everything comes out.  Fear, guilt! 

See, fear, guilt, and all, will assume at least some stupid reason.  But desperation is absolutely foolish. It does not have the intelligence to even assume a stupid reason.  I am redefining desperation. 

Listen!  Desperation is the emotion or powerlessness which stays inside you, but without any reason.  If you just ask, “I am feeling powerless.  Why?”. It will not be there!  Desperation has no logical foundation.  And the moment you ask, “Why this?”, it will not be there! 

It is a cloud which covers the sun.  If the sun stares at the cloud, the cloud will disappear!  If the sun concentrates a few of its rays on the cloud, what will happen to the cloud?  It will disappear!  He does not have a need to concentrate all its energy on the cloud.  Just one ray — it is not there!  But, if he is not attending, the cloud will be there.  Same way, desperation is a cloud which covers your consciousness.  When desperation covers your consciousness, look, “Hey, why are you here?”. It will not be there!  Because it is sheer stupidity, it cannot develop a reason to justify its existence. 

Desperation, when it develops a stupid reason for its existence and agitates you towards others, it is “Fear”. And when it agitates you towards you, it is “Guilt”.  Desperation is a nameless powerlessness sits inside you for no reason.  Reasonless, nameless, powerlessness which is sitting inside you, which disappears the moment you ask why it exists, what is it.  The moment you ask the reason and name of it, it will disappear! 

It is like some thieves will come and become part of the crowd in the marriage ceremony.  The moment you ask them their name and identity, they will run away!  But till then, they will be there, stealing as much as they can.  Desperation is exactly like that.  The moment you ask, “Why are you here?  What is your name?”, he will run away!  But till you ask that question, he will be there.  All the bride’s side people will be thinking that he may be from the bridegroom’s side.  All the bridegroom’s side people may be thinking that he may be from the bride’s side.  Your mind is thinking that your consciousness is suffering.  Your consciousness is thinking that your mind is suffering.  And this fellow is playing in the grey area! 

Desperation is the emotion which will disappear the moment you ask “Why?” and “What is the name?”!  Over! 

Duryodhana is embodiment of desperation.  If he did not have the desperation to wage the war, Karna would not have hidden the truth that he (Karna) is the senior Pandava, and the Pandavas would have handed over the whole kingdom to Karna, and Karna would have simply coronated Duryodhana in one second!  Duryodhana’s desperation managed that this does not happen, this did not happen.

Understand, absolutely. Absolutely, all the destructions in life on planet Earth happen by desperation, and not by logically-supported fears, not by logically-supported anger, not by logically-supported guilt, more by desperation!  Wherever suffering is there, there will be desperation.  Complete with it.  Complete with it.  Complete with it.

And, before the Kalpataru process, I also have a special announcement.  Tomorrow we have a very special event.  I am inaugurating the “Living Enlightenment Process” (LEP)! 

Please understand, Living Enlightenment Process exclusively for Inner Awakening (IA) Graduates!  It is a three-month programme.  I think in 2012 or 2010, I don’t remember, the first Living Enlightenment Process I did which was a forty-eight day programme.  In 2010 August I did!  Now I am making it as a three-month programme.  Absolutely free!  Absolutely free!  And on two-way video-conferencing! 

Please understand, it is available through two-way video-conferencing!  A special news is, last time LEP, even though it was free, you had to be here; but this time it is free and it is in your bedroom!  Wherever you are, from wherever you are, you can attend!  It is through two-way video-conferencing.  Exclusively for all the Inner Awakening Graduates!  If you have done Inner Awakening, if you are an Inner Awakening Graduate from 2008, any Inner Awakening, this programme is free for you! 

It is a three-month programme.  I myself will personally be conducting many of the sessions.  A few sessions may be conducted by acharyas.  I will be conducting many.  You can immediately sign up at  It is literally like an alchemy process.  Such a powerful way of giving you the Advaithic experience!  And I wanted all the gurukul kids to attend this Living Enlightenment Process.  And all the ashramites also will be attending.  The residential Kotharis, Thanedars, Mahants also will be attending the Living Enlightenment Process. 

Understand, the Living Enlightenment Process is equivalent to ten Inner Awakenings!  It is time to take your Inner Awakening experience to the next level.  Living Enlightenment Process helps you to complete with every incompletion you carry.  And get ready for a great treat, spiritual treat!

And I also wanted to announce, this coming Nithya Dhyan Yoga (NDY) in Tamil is going to be a very unique and powerful training for SMKTs.  So, I request all of you all over the world, whoever wants to join.  Even if you can get the translation it is wonderful!  If you want to join, you can join on two-way video-conferencing.  And not only the Tamil participants, anyone can join.  Even through translation.  Because, you will see, in these two days, I will be creating a new Sangha!  Absolutely a new Sangha!  The whole two days is not just NDY, it is all about the Science of Completion.  It is a definition of what I am and want I want to do!  So, we will have this on August 23 and 24, 9 am to 10 pm.  It will be practically like early morning to late night!

So, that’s it! 


I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!