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This beautiful discourse is a part of the Living Sadashivoham Process. It was delivered in the sacred temple town of Tiruvannamalai, which is Nithyananda's own birthplace. In it, Nithyananda gives us a deeper understanding of living the four powers of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching through the corresponding five manifest faces of Sadashiva. When you're in a creative mood, bring Integrity, and you will manifest Sadashiva's Shakti! You will become Sathyo Jatha, born out of Integrity. Anything which is born out of integrity will stand forever. Any creation, including manifesting powers, add Integrity to it. Out of Satya, anything born, Satyojatha, anything born out of Integrity will stay forever and do good for you. When you add Integrity to your Aham, you will become Sadashivoham. When you're in a descructive mood, bring Responsibility. You will always destroy what needs to be destroyed; it will be equivalent to rejuvination, not just destruction. Irresponsibility leads to tantrum throwing, rioting destruction. It may look like Kalabhairava and Kali run riot on the Cosmos, but they know precisely where to put the leg, where to put the hand, where to put the sword. The precision is not even one cell this side or that side. Whenever you are in the mood of confusion, delusion, depression, start living for others, Enriching. If you think only about you when you are rotten it will be stinking; Enriching is the only solution. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload: click to subscribe. Connect with Swamiji more deeply by joining our Social Media pages:
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nithyanandeshwara samarambham nithyanandeshwari madhyamam |

asmadacharya paryantam vande guru paramparam ||

I welcome you all of you with My love and respects. I welcome, all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsanghis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis for the Living Sadāshivoham process.



The manifest and unmanifest components of Sadashiva is part of you.  The manifest is Sadyojatam, Tatpurusham, Aghoram, Vamadevam, Ishanam. If I put it in your user-friendly language— I should tell you, I am not translating, I am putting in user-friendly language, means roughly equating it. Tatpurusha, Aghora, Vamadeva, Sadyojata, Ishanathese are the five manifest aspects of Sadashiva.


If I have to put it into user-friendly language, I should saycreation, maintenance, destruction, delusion and liberation.  Listen. You go through all the five. When you are in the mode of creation, if you add Integrity, you will manifest Sadāshiva’s creation. Listen. When you are in the mode of creation, add Integrity to youyou will manifest Sadashiva.

Let me repeat. When you are in the creation mode, add Integrity to it.


You may ask, “What is creation mode?”


When you feel like doing something active. It can be your office work, it can be manifesting wealth, it can be doing something for name and fame, including career activities. Or it can be physically creating something; art, painting, drawing, even sexual desires, activitiesall this belongs to creation when you are in the creation mode, bring Integrity to you, you will manifest Sadashivayour creativity plus integrity is Sadāshiva’s creation energy, is Sadyoyata. Only from Satya, anything can be born, Jāta means born. Sadyojata means born out of Integrity. Anything, which is born out of Integrity, only will stand forever. So the creation face of Sadashiva is Sadyojata in all your creativity. It can be as simple as cooking to as complicated as manifesting wealth. It can be as lower as you think; sexual desires, or it can be as high as higher, as creating your Enlightenment. Any creationincluding manifesting powersany creation, including manifesting powers, add Integrity to it. Out of Satya, anything born, Sadyojata, anything born out of Integrity will stay forever and do good to you. You all have that creation mood in you, that is Aham.  When you add Integrity to it you will become Sadāshivoham, in your creativity.


Understand. Add Integrity to all your creation. Maintenance, sustenance, bring Authenticity to your sustenance. Listen. Anything, which loses Authenticity, starts collapsing, and it needs to collapse. The earlier it collapses is good for the humanity. Understand. Anything which loses its Authenticity
it is time for it to vacate, the planet earth, the Existence.  Anything, which retains its Authenticity continuous to exist forever. Anything, if you want it to be alive, just retain its Authenticity; everything else will be taken care. When I was attacked, the only thing I decided, “I will keep the Authenticity of Me and my Sangha, that's it, that’s it.” The moment I decided I will keep the Authenticity of Me and my Sangha alive. I know, it cannot be destroyed, it cannot be destroyed. Authenticity, in all your sustenance, bring Authenticity, in all your sustenance, bring Authenticity.



Whenever you are in a destructive mood, bring Responsibility. Understand. If you feel responsible and destroy, it will always be the things needed to be destroyed. You will never destroy what should not be destroyed. You will always destroy what need to be destroyed immediately. With Responsibility, destruction will be equal to
rejuvenation, not just destruction. Irresponsibility leads to tantrum throwing rioting destruction. It may look like Kalabhairava and Kali run riot on the Cosmos; but they know precisely where to put the leg, and where to put the hand, where to put the sword. It is too precise. The precision is not even one cell; this side, or that side. It’s more precise than any laser surgery. Understand, Kalabhairava’s Trishul maybe as huge as Merudanda, the Meru Hill, but it is as precise as non-invasive surgeries laser are precise. How the non-invasive laser surgeries performed on your heart, are precise. Kalabhairava’s Trishul is that precise, because it feels responsible. Understand.  Whenever you are in the destruction moodanger, violence, frustration, not depression, depression is delusion, frustration is destruction. Listen. Anger, frustration, and destructive mood, this three whenever you are in this three mood, bring Responsibility to you, look in, “Are you behaving responsibly? Are you behaving responsibly?” Whenever you are in the mood of, delusion, confusion depression—Understand. Depression delusion, confusion means; much of your part is rotten. For example, if 20% of the vegetable or fruit is rotten, you can cut that portion, remove it, consume the remaining part. If 99% of it is rottenyou won’t be able to get that 1% out, the whole thing need to be discarded. Listen carefully, depression, delusion means, 99% of your part has become gotten rotten. Now, the only way to get rid of it; start living for others, Enriching. You are already rotten. If you build your mind, your life on you, it will be stinking. Forget about you, start living for others. Enriching is the only solution.


Listen. This five aspects of Sadashiva
actually in reality six, the ultimate, the sixth is unmanifest. Let me explain this five.


Creation, sustenance, destruction, delusion, liberation.


Whenever you are in a destructive mood, feel Responsibility, bring Responsibility into it. Whenever you are in delusion, you are confused, you don’t know what to do, what kind decision you should make, what will be right at this moment, for my life. Whenever you are in that delusion, Tirobhavajust throw yourself away.  And decide, your life is for others, say, confusion means, whatever I know as me is rotten. Once it is rotten, whether it is Kashmir apple, or California orange, it is useless.  Once it is rotten you can’t say, “Oh Kashmir apple, California orange.”

Like Shankara says, nahi nahi rakshati dukrijnkarane | [bhaje govindam]


When death arrives – dukrijnkarane - your logical understanding of the language does not protect you. You can’t use a straw to float in the ocean. If you think you can, you are fool.


nahi nahi rakshati dukrijnkarane |


When you are in the mood of delusion, listen. When you are in the mood of the delusion, decide, “Life is for others,” make all the decisions based on Enriching, life is for others. Change the place you are living. Change the people with whom you are living, change the profession you are in. If you don’t, you will be stuck and wasting the life forever. I tell you, death is much, much better, 10 000 times better, than being stuck in delusion. In death at least you move, go ahead, you move further. Nothing gets lost in death, I tell you, nothing gets lost. Life will go on running, nether world misses you, nor you will miss the word.


I tell you, many people think, “If I will die everybody will miss me.”


Tamil (16:00). The whole city will gather and cry, loud, as loud as possible, nowadays with the loudspeaker. Tamil (16:30). You may be xxx, xxx (16:40), Tamil (16:41) Dead body, when are they going to lift the body? Tamil (16:57).


The land which is separately allotted for that, you may be owner of 10,000 acres or the whole kingdom, Tamil (17:10) They will take the body to a corner, allotted for that, Tamil(17:22)  Last statement, they will take bath in the water. The last statement is too hurting but true; they will forget you once and for all. Tamil (17:40)


Listen. They will, take bath in the water body, and forget, it's not even forgetting, deleting, Tamil (18:00). It is just delete, over, ctrl-D, ctrl delete. You may think everyone will miss you; No. Everything will be going maybe much better. And you may feel you will be missing the world, which is not reality actually.


If you are a Hindu, you have eternal time, you are given again and again birth. I tell you, be Hindu to be rich, spiritually and energy wise. Listen. This, understanding, this cognition is important, listen carefully. One of the fool, sad, fellow was talking saying, “Oh, whatever you, you believe, after death it is all going to be same, and all of you will have the next birth.” No! Listen, if you don’t cognize that next birth is a possibility while you are in the body, even if the next birth door opens, you will be afraid to jump in because it will be overwhelming. You do not, you never walk into the door about which you are not briefly introduced, or you have not cognized, it will be so overwhelming. You will not get into any door; you will just lock your closet up and be inside.  That is why the religions and traditions which does not give you the cognition of multiple births, insist on retaining the shell, at least inside the shell you will have a place. Hindus don’t. They never tell you to retain the shell, they tell you burn it as quickly as possible. Get rid of it, move, move ahead.



In destruction, neither world is going to miss you nor you are going to miss the word.  So in destruction, don’t bring fear to handle it bring Responsibility to handle it. Whether you are in the destructive mood, or destruction is coming towards you. Whether you start the fight, or somebody started the war over you. Listen. Whether you started the war or somebody else started the war on you
bring Responsibility during the moments of destruction. You will see, right things will be protected, wrong things will be destroyed.


The whole destruction will happen properly, the moment you bring Responsibility to your destructive mood, your tantrum throwing mood, your rioting mood, you will become Aghora, Sadashiva’s destruction face. You are no more Aham destroying you are Sadashivoham destroying. When you bring Integrity to your creation, you are no more Aham creating, you are Sadashivoham creatingSadyojatam.


Bring creation, bring Integrity into your creation.

Bring Authenticity into your sustenance energy.


All of you have all these energies, every day you use this energy, when you are cooking, you are manifesting creation energy. When you are eating, you are manifesting sustenance energy. When you are destructing, digesting you are manifesting the destruction energy. When you are digesting, you are manifesting the destruction energy. And, if something is undigested, your stomach is sick, you have a problem, you are in the delusion energy. If the energy, digest energy is absorbed, and you manifest it as powers you are in the liberation mode. Every day you manifest all these five powers, all these five aspects of Sadashiva.


In your creation bring Integrity, in your sustenance bring Authenticity, in your destruction, bring Responsibility, when you are in delusion, decide to throw all your ideas, decide to throw yourself away, and get into Enriching. Decide, my life is for others. Delusion means, depression, means, 99% of you is already rotten, you can’t do anything with that rotten. Whether it is Kashmir apple, or California orange, or Switzerland saffronnothing can be done, with rotten fruit or vegetable so delusion confusion depression means your whole being is rottennow don’t build you future on that being. Just discard it, decide, my life is for others, start building. Out of rotten fruit, a new tree can happen.  That rotten fruit itself will not be useful, a rotten mango will not be useful. Dump it, it will become tree, and a lot of new mangoes will happen. When you are confused, deluded, depressed, dump yourself, into Enriching, new Being will happen in you.



When you are in the mood of liberating love, liberation means, love, care, compassion, sometimes by mistake it happens. No, everyday you go through this, mood of liberation. Love, compassion, bliss, whenever you go through that, bring Causing to your life. Causing means, making every being experience Shaktinipada with Sadashiva is Causing. That is the biggest liberation you can give for human beings. Make people experience Shaktinipada with Sadashiva. Understand. The sixth dimension of Sadashiva is unmanifest. You also have the unmanifest power, means the powers of Sadashiva. To manifests Sadashiva’s creativity, bring Integrity. To manifest Sadashiva’s sustenance energy bring Authenticity. To manifest Sadashiva’s destruction energy bring Responsibility, to manifest Sadashiva’s delusion energy and handle it, bring Enriching in your life. To manifest Sadashiva’s liberation energy, liberating energy, bring Causing in your life. Then what will make you manifest the unmanifest, Avyakta of Sadashiva, that is Shaktinipata. As much as possible, be in Shaktipata with Sadashiva, the Guru, who is embodiment of Sadashiva. Be in Shaktipata with Him, be in Shaktipata with Him. Be in Shaktinipada with Him. I tell you, being part of the Sangha, is nothing but being constantly being in Shaktipata with Guru, Sadashiva Himself.



Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes I have seen people asking me, “What is the difference working here, working outside?” The moment you have this question be very clear, you are fool of the worst order
not even recoverable, irrecoverable. Stupid of the Satanic order, fool of the worst orderdoes not understand the basics of life. Working here is not work, it is Shaktinipata every moment. It is Shaktinipata. Manifesting powers, even if you pick up a stone from the ground to clean the area it is Shaktinipata for manifesting powers, because Swamiji wanted, my Guru wanted me to remove this.




She asked me about my orthodox lifestyle. I have a very, orthodox personal lifestyle. Means if I, once I get up from the bed, morning, I will not touch anything I am going to wear after taking bath, even by mistake, if my body touches some clothes which I am going to wear after the bath, I will not wear that, it has to be washed again. It's all very, if you see from outside, it almost looks like I am washing mania.


She asked me, “What is the reason to follow this lifestyle Swamiji?” And I will have a neem stick to brush my teeth. Sometime if the stick is little hard, or become old, dried, even if I’m not able to put the stick into the mouth completely—even, at those moments I'll put that stick on a brush, and only with that brush I will brush the teeth. She asked Me, “What is the reason to follow this orthodox to this extend? I only said one word, listen, listen carefully. In Agama, Sadashiva has given 100 instructions.


The moment 10-20 instructions have become My experience, my Anubhuti, My reality, My life, My experience, My, whatever, whatever, realitythat's it. Now, I am not going to waste My life, waiting to get convinced about the remaining eighty instructions.I am going to fall head over heels and start practicing all the hundred.


Fools are those, who think, “Oh, I know when I put rudraksha in the ears, my listening has gone up, my energy has gone up, my third eye is active, alive. But, about putting the Rudraksha in the hip and end of the hair, I will wait and see whether it become my experience, then, after that that I will wear.”


By the time you experience and put the Rudraksha everywhere, you have to go to the burial ground, hundred years will be over. Fools are those who wait for every instruction in Agama to become their experience and then they will start following. Then by that time; you come to your leg to put the Rudraksha at the feet, leg, your ankles, you may not even have the leg. You may be walking with somebody else leg. Listen carefully. The moment 10-20 instructions of Sadashiva has become My reality, I am not a fool to wait and reinvent the whole thing, and wasting My life for reinventing. Understand.



One Indian young man, and young woman, one French young man and young woman, Russian young man and young woman, an American young man and young woman— all of them get stranded in an island because the boat collapsed. After five years
American young man and young woman, got married, had children, had extra marital affairs, had one divorce and again remarried. The Russian man and woman, again, had marriage, had kids, had extramarital affair and divorce, re marriage everything.  The French man and woman did not get married, lived together, had kids. The Indian young man and woman they were feeling so shy, they were waiting for somebody to introduce each other. This is what you are doing, if you are not going to practice all the remaining 80 instructions of the Agama, you will be wasting your youth. You will be wasting your life. The moment 20 instructions have become reality, experience, the moment you know the 20 is reality, real, fall head over heels, and practice the whole thingdon’t waste your time in waiting for the remaining every instruction to become your experience or reality. You neither have that strong logic, nor have that strong body, nor have that long life. Fools are those who wait for every instruction to become their reality. The moment, the power manifestation and Enlightenment has become My realityI am not going to question, analyze, the other instructions of Sadashiva, about how to brush teeth, or how to apply vibhooti, or how to take bath. I am going to fall head over heels, and practice everything He says, because every time if I bring up the neem stick and brush My teeth, just the memory that I am brushing as per His instruction, makes Me sweeter than the bitterness of the neem tree. That is Shaktinipata.




Kailasha, under the huge Kalpavrikshamaking Devi sit on His lap, holding Her hip with all the love and carethe way He thought Her to brush the teeth and take bath, I am exactly doing that. That is all I need to make My day. That is all I need to make the neem stick sweet. That is all I need to make My life, that is Shaktinipata. Understand.

Unmanifest powers in you manifest, when you follow the instructions of the Guru, without even waiting for logically to get convinced. Let those great fools wait to get logically convinced, it is middle class mentality. Waiting to get logically convinced about each instruction. Don’t be a middle class, be elite. Middle class people have to create, never inherit. If you wait for every instruction to be logically understood, and start practicing, you can only be generating, generating, by begging pennies you can never become billionaire. Billionaires, inherit, not beg and create. There are only two types of people; waiting for themself to get convinced and start moving. That is what I call middle class mentality. Go ahead, do it. Live as middle class and die as middle class, who cares. Even economically, living and dying as middle class is not wrong. But spiritually and consciously living and dying as middle class is the worst thing. Elite means, he knows, my parents had right lifestyle
—so I will inherit their whole knowledge. I will not be waiting for me to get beaten up every time. I know my parents know the best practices. I know Sadashiva knows the best practices. And He has given it as Agama, then why will I waste my life is a stupid way, Oh, no, it's okay, now I will first try Colgate, Pepsodent, and then finally when I don’t have any teeth’s left, “Hah,” and somebody will come and ask, “Is there salt in your toothpaste?” and I am not going to wait for those stupid… Arrey, When Colgate came to India, they made fun of our, we using salt and charcoal powder for brushing, and now these fellows are asking us, “Is there salt in our toothpaste, charcoal cleansing, and the neem based toothpaste.” Bloody fellows, hundred years before that is what we were doing. I am not interested going through these consumeristic, advertisement, exploiting, multinational corporate companies, victim lifestyle.  All  the middle class is victims of MNCs, victims of MNCs.




And I am not interested in sitting and waiting for my logic to get convinced, to follow the Agama of Sadashiva, I know all of this is reality, come on, fall head over heels and start practicing Agama. I told, the devotee who asked Me this question, Nithyananda Yogam participantsee the moment 20 instructions have become my reality I am not going to wait for the remaining 80 to be logically analyzed and start practicing, no, He supports, He wanted this orthodox, hygienic lifestyle, so I am going to live that's all. No other reason is required. No other reason is required. He wants me to do this, over. When you know, logically, you don’t wait to get convinced and start moving just because He wants you to doyou are My inheritor. You are Elite. You are no more middle class.


Understand. People who get healing from me, completion technique from me, are all middle class. Only people inherit my powers are elite. Receiving instruction means middle class, you are a fool, you are cheating yourself. If you have come, and just got some healing, some boon, some wealth blessing, business blessing, butt pain, headache, knee pain. If you received only boons and teachings and completion and you are practicing on your own, you are middle class. Means you are waitingyou do only the instructions about what you are convinced. If you just start living, without waiting for you to get convinced, all the instructions, done, happens, Shaktinipata. Then, you don’t need to be a middle class, rotting rotting, rotting, making, making, before you even make 80% is sucked, spent.  You don’t need to die into that lifestyle, you are inheritor.



See My Baalasants, they don’t wait to get convinced about My instruction, that's why they inherit what I have. If you wait to get convinced about every instruction, you are a devotee, outsider. If you just jump head over and heels, and start living—before I even complete the instruction, you are an insider, disciple, inheritor, you have the right to feel Brahmanyam Bramaputrataam.


Whatever Arunagiri Yogeshwara had, I never felt, He need to initiate Me, He need to give Me that. I just know, if He has it is mine.


Just like how my Baalasants feel, “If Swamiji has it is mine.” They don’t feel, I need to initiate them I need to give it to them, if He is having, it is mine.


Actually  Brahma was asking, “At least in that body I have to be afraid of only one Subramanya, now here so many Subramanyas, what can I do? I have to be afraid of so many Subramanyas. Whenever you follow the instructions about what you are only convinced you manifest only that result. If you do completion practice, you will have peace. If you practice Integrity, you will have Vaak Shakti.  If you practice Authenticity you will have Mano Shakti, when you start living without bothering about, waiting to convince your logic, by falling head over the heels and surrenderyou manifest all the unmanifest, Avyakta, the sixth face of Sadashiva, manifests in you.


Understand. This hill, which you are seeing here, this place is for manifesting all the Avyakta, that's why all the five faces of Arunachala, merges into this sixth face. Only this sixth face will be seen from here. Our Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai Aadheenam is unique, go around the hill, nowhere, you will never see all the five faces of Sadashiva, merge into the sixth face of Avyakta. Everywhere you will see one face of Sadashiva, one or two or three or four or five. This is the only three acres plot. Go this side, you will see one face, go that side, you will see another one face. This is the only three acres plot where all the five faces merge, into this one face of Avyakta. Because this land is the space where Avyakta becomes Vyakta. Unmanifest start manifesting. This campus is going to be specially for manifesting all the powers, which are unmanifest in Sadashiva. The unmanifest components of Sadashiva will be manifested in everyone of us.


Understand. For the unmanifest to manifest in you, all you need is Shaktinipata Shaktinipata meansstart living the instructions and initiations without waiting for your logic to get convinced,is Shaktinipata. The joy you experience, when you live, just because He said, that's it.  That joy is called Shaktinipata. Understand. When I live my orthodox lifestyle, I just know, I am doing it because He said it, and that joy is Shaktinipata. That keeps me whole day and night, my whole life in Shaktinipata with Sadashiva. With that Shaktinipata, whether you pick up a stone, or clean the floor, or cook, and feed the devotees, or do wiring, or do book publishing, or stand there and give flyers to people— everything is Shaktinipata. Understand, life in the Sangha is Shaktinipata – kaam nahi hai Kamikāgam hai. Work in the Sangha – kaam nahi hai kamikagam hai.


Bring Integrity to your creation.

Authenticity to your sustenance.

Responsibility to your destruction.

Enriching to your delusion.

Causing to your liberation,

and Shaktinipata to your whole being and life.

You will manifest Sadāshiva’s creation face, sustenance face, destruction face, delusion face; liberation face, and the unmanifest, Avyakta face and you will live Sadāshivoham. Live Sadāshivoham by bringing all these six in your life, bring all these six into your life. Bring all these six in your life, add more and more, you will be adding more and more of Sadāshivoham in you; more and more of Sadāshivoham in you. Let Avyakta become Vyakta, unmanifest, become manifest. It is direct message from Sadashiva, from the space of Sadashiva, from the place of Sadashiva to everyone of you, who are literally Sadāshivas.

I bless you all, live, let's all live, radiate, with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Shaivam, Sadāshivoham, the eternal Bliss, Nithyananda, Thank you, be Blissful.