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In today’s morning satsang from Hardwar Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on how completion can expand every aspect of your life and make you experience the mysteries. He told us to go back and re-live the incident and suddenly your bio-memory will wake up and your pattern will lose its power over you. Only advaitha satya is built on logic and can stand the scrutiny of consciousness; inner awakening for living. Your incompletions will melt down and your consciousness cannot be broken.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Downtown-Los Angeles, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Gyaneshwor-Nepal, High Point-North Carolina, Coimbatore Dhyanapeetam, Philadelphia, Hebbal-Bangalore, Hosur Dhyanapeetam, Port Washington-New York, Netherlands, Bangalore North, New Zealand-Adi Arunachalam, Nithyananda University-Paris, Singapore-Singapuram, Houston-Kalahasti, Ohio-Prayag, Vancouver-Canada, Toronto-Kailasam, Phoenix-Kanchipuram, Nithyanandeshwara Temple-Pondicherry, Seattle-Chidambaram, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Indrani-New Jersey, Kulim-Tiruttani, St. Louis, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, San Jose-Madurai, Bidadi Enriching Temple, Baladharananda-Australia...........

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today I wanted to expand on how Completion can change every aspect of your life, whether it is health, wealth, relationships, joy, getting you out of tiredness and boredom, making you experience the mysteries of life, making you experience the mysteries of life, above all, saving you from all the attacks. I will tell you about it.

Listen! By destroying others through the actions of incompletion, at the most you can survive, not thrive. See, the fellow who snatches chains in the road, maybe he is able to have two meals, maybe he will be able to have his basic needs for some time; that also, not permanently. Don’t be jealous of him. ‘See, without doing anything, he is just snatching, he is just having his food!’ Don’t be jealous; because, he can never thrive. Understand, whenever you see actions out of incompletions getting performed...

Please understand, all actions out of incompletion are nothing but exploiting the other person. Exploitation! All acts of exploitation happen out of incompletion, whether it is your health, for you to be healthy, killing another one being, killing another one life! Sometimes I am surprised, just for you to have a snack, somebody has to die! For you to have your snack, somebody has to die! What a dangerous person you are then! Whether it is in the field of so-called health, or the field of wealth, or in any field, existence of life, actions out of incompletion, you may be able to survive, but not thrive. I tell you, do actions out of Completion; you will go on be contributing! You will go on be contributing!

The person who contributes can thrive, I am really telling you! Action out of Completion always contributes....always contributes! Actions out of Completion always contribute, and this contribution makes you thrive, flourish. When you relate to your body out of Completion, not only you survive, but it also becomes a beautiful space to live in and operate, perform, do what you want to do. If you feel happy to be inside your body, if you feel it is doing what you want to do in your life, then you are the most beautiful, handsome person in the world, be very clear! The so-called beauty and handsomeness cannot be given by the body-paint industry. Industries which give you cosmetic products, spare-parts, attachments, dimension attachment mechanisms, they cannot dictate terms, they cannot set a trend as to who is beautiful and who is not.

If you are happy to live inside your body, and you are happy that it is performing what you want in your life, I am telling you, you are the most beautiful, most handsome person on the Planet Earth! You are the most beautiful, most handsome person on the Planet Earth! Relationship through Completion, relationship through Completion, whether it is with your body or your mind, I go on reminding every day, because I wanted you to understand, there is nothing else to tell on Planet Earth, there is nothing else that is important to tell. The last moment of Buddha or Shankara or a Jeevan Muktha, when he is about to leave the body, whatever teaching he gives, is the essence. Like Buddha said, ‘Appo Deepo Bhava!’ Means, ‘Let you be a light unto yourself!’ Each Master gives the essence of what he was teaching throughout his life, at the last moment. If this moment I have to give up my life, I will just say, ‘COMPLETION!’, and leave the body! That’s all!

Completion with yourself, Completion with others, Completion with the Universe, Completion with God, Completion with body, Completion with mind, Completion with health, Completion with wealth, Completion with Completion itself! I will just say, ‘COMPLETION!’, and leave the body! And I will feel complete about it!

I just want to take a few minutes to inform all the Sadhna TV viewers, satsanghis, from tomorrow, the morning satsangh will be 7 am to 8 am, full one hour. We will be having full one hour morning satsangh! Sorry, not from tomorrow, from yesterday we started, and we will continue to have. From yesterday it is happening for one hour from 7 am to 8 am, and we will continue to have.

Listen! Completion! Completion! Completion! Any health issue you have, any sickness you have, I am not saying don’t take medication, all I am trying to tell you is, first sit and spend a little time in completing with your own body. You will see the requirement for medication will drop drastically, because your bio-memory, your muscle-memory, functions out of intelligence. Nothing is a matter, nothing is an accident other than your constant Self-Doubt. Because of your doubt, you doubt everything! ‘How do I know whether it functions based on Advaitha?’ ‘How do I know they have not changed the strategy they planned in “Swarga”?’ ‘May be they changed their currency from yesterday!’ The only unchangeable currency in the whole Universe is Advaitha, understand! If you just earn that one currency, wherever you go you can live royally, you can exist royally, you can just radiate life! Completion and Advaitha! Completion and Advaitha!

Listen! Listen! Other than your Self-Doubt, nothing, nothing stops you from experiencing Advaitha. Actually, Advaitha need not be even promoted so much. It is unfortunate that I have to promote Advaitha so much, living in the space of Completion so much! Because, every day when you soak into the Self-Doubt during your change of mood..... Change of mood happens three times a day: One, evening “sandhya” time. Next, every day when you fall asleep. Third, when you wake up. These three moments, the mood change happens. How much ever you train yourself and keep yourself in the highest Advaitha, the moment that time comes, “tadak...!” (you fall into it!). But you need to know, it is not bad news; because, when you know these are the three moments, just use those three moments to bring yourself back, that’s all! You don’t need to worry that those three moments you lose the Advaithic space. When you fall asleep, do Completion and fall asleep. When you wake up, remember to be in the space of Completion and function. When you see “sandhya”, evening, immediately remember to come back to the space of Advaitha; that’s all!

Please listen! Advaitha, Advaitha, Completion, Complete Completion is one of the most powerful processes you can do to cause any miracle in your life. Thieves may survive, but cannot thrive! They may survive, but cannot thrive! Only people who contribute to others can thrive. Only when you cause others’ reality you can thrive. Any action you do out of Completion, you will go on be causing others’ reality, you will go on be causing others’ reality, you will go on be causing others’ reality. So, don’t feel shy, don’t delay, don’t postpone, don’t wait to soak yourself into the space of Completion. Let that become your breathing style. Let Advaitha become your breathing style, thinking style, and lifestyle. Let Advaitha become your breathing style, thinking style, lifestyle. Breathing style, thinking style, lifestyle! I can give you hundreds of stories from ancient Puranas and from my own life and from the disciples’ and devotees’, next generation gurukul kids, I can give you tons and tons and tons of stories and incidents to encourage you, to inspire you, to make you live Advaitha. A few days before, I was talking about some of the deeper methods of Completion. I wanted to expand on it if you have missed your satsangh on that day, that daily dose of bliss, that daily bliss dose. Most of our devotees call satsangh as that only – “daily bliss dose”! ‘Have you taken your daily bliss dose?’

Listen! Whenever you have incompletions, don’t treat that as enemy, don’t get tense; because that becomes one more pattern! Treating your incompletion as enemy becomes one more pattern. And the person who treats his incompletion as enemy never, never, never gets out of incompletion. Treating your incompletion as enemy is not going to work. Just sit and see when it started. Seeing the root of your incompletion is the best way to kill the incompletion, not hating your incompletion. When you see an incompletion, don’t hate; see the root. Root, not the hate, is going to complete you. See the root; you will understand the illogic on which it stands, understand? Understanding the illogic on which your incompletions are standing will free you from your incompletions. If you are shivering, frightened, in front of your school warden or the hostel warden, as if your whole life is over, at that moment when you were young, the pattern you built, now go back and re-live the same shivering.

Don’t even try to have the logic of the present, today. Today that hostel warden is irrelevant to your life, that school warden may be irrelevant to your life. You have stolen your friend’s candy, and your teacher is beating you. Today that school teacher may be irrelevant to your life, but the pattern you built at that time is still torturing you in your life. So, hating that pattern is not going to help you. Go back to that same incident, situation. Just sit. Don’t even bring the present intelligence and logic. Just re-live that situation with that intelligence, that knowledge, and that situation, that same space. Suddenly you will see, please understand, whenever you re-live any incompletion, you will see that even at that moment it was illogical, unnecessary! Don’t make that teacher irrelevant, because of now where you are. Make him irrelevant even at that time where you were. Then the incompletion leaves you once for all! Please understand, this is the key! This is the key! If you make the teacher, the warden, irrelevant, because of now where you are, it is called “suppression”.

Go back and re-live and make him irrelevant in that very space. Then you are free from all the incompletions! All incompletions will just melt down! Please understand, making the incompletion infrastructure, incompletion intranalyzing structure, that incompletion cognition irrelevant when the incompletions were getting built, is “Completion”. If you sit now.... I am giving you a few examples: Your aunt who was trying to beat you because you have stolen chocolate from your niece, your teacher who is kicking you out because you have not done your homework, your hostel warden who is beating you because you have stolen a pencil from your friend, if you sit now and look at those incidents and the incompletions, fears you built from those incidents, if you sit and see them from the space you are in now, they are all irrelevant to your life now, they can’t have so much power over your life now; because of that, it may look irrelevant; but that is not Completion, that is suppression. Now you may feel that your spouse is your aunt, she is the reincarnation of your aunt, and your boss is the reincarnation of your teacher! So, they will all look relevant. Your aunt and warden may become irrelevant, but your spouse and boss may become relevant because of the pattern you built from that time. So, making them irrelevant because of now where you are is only “suppression”, not “Completion”. Go back!

I tell you, no pattern gets built on logic. The only thing which gets built on logic is Advaitha Sathya. Advaitha Sathya is the only thing which is built on the pattern of logic. Advaitha Sathya only can stand the scrutiny of consciousness, understand? That is why I insist, Advaitha is the only philosophy, religion, science, system of thinking, knowledge, thought-trend, cognition, which can stand the scrutiny of logic, science, any viewpoint and standpoint. I invite some of the best brains existing on Planet Earth to look into this great truth of Advaitha. And I also commit, I will produce some of the best brains as my gurukul kids through this Advaitha. I am telling you, when you sit back with your incompletions and start re-living, your inner-most space, which was the basic ground on which the foundation for your incompletions are laid, will suddenly wake up and see that the incompletions you built, the fear pattern you built towards your aunt, warden, school teacher at that moment was unnecessary, irrelevant, useless, illogical, and, if I have to put it in a more decent word, “nonsense”! Give a little time for your consciousness to see it. You are not a sinner to be punished. You are just blind to be “inner awakened”. Give a little time for inner awakening. Every time your inner infrastructure, your innermost space – I use the word “bio-memory” or “muscle-memory” – that space looks inside its own existence and remembers, recalls the root of the pattern, the root incident when the pattern was developed itself is an illogical action, that incident need not be responded to by creation of that pattern, when that understanding comes, every moment when that understanding happens to you, “inner awakening” is happening in you! So, inner awakening is a continuous lifestyle. Just like you breath to be alive, have inner awakening in your muscle-memories and bio-memories for living. Breathing to be alive, inner awakening for living! Breathing to be alive, inner awakening for living! Even the most difficult incompletion, which you think is the most horrible incompletion, which terrorizes you just by remembrance, sit with it, sit with it, look into it. I tell you, you can never break down, you can never collapse, you will never die; because, by your very nature you are pure consciousness. Just because the people who wanted to exploit you didn’t tell you the truth, truth cannot be taken away from you. Just because the fellow who wanted to sell a little food to you, just to make money out of you, he didn’t tell you that your whole house is filled with food, good quality food, just because he didn’t tell you, that cannot be taken away from you. These so-called psychiatrists who want to give you a little peace, peace as a piecemeal, they never tell you the truth that you have consciousness. And I feel sympathy for them, because even they don’t know!

But, just because they didn’t tell you, they didn’t know, don’t think it can be taken away from you. What you have, YOU HAVE! You sitting with your worst terrorist incompletion patterns, and even after that, coming out fresh, complete, alive, is the proof that you have consciousness which can never be broken! You can never be collapsed! You can never be destroyed! I tell you, I have seen the worst moments of life! You cannot see more worst moments than what I have faced in my life, in your life! Please understand, I have seen the peaks and valleys, and I can remember not just this one birth! I am telling you with all my sincerity, you cannot be collapsed now! Only your fear, that you can be collapsed, can be collapsed! So, all your terrorizing incompletions, sit with it. Re-live them in that same space, not with the present intelligence. Don’t make your teacher irrelevant, because now you are a boss. Don’t make your warden irrelevant, because now you don’t even know where he is, and he is no more relevant to your life. No! That is suppression! Go back to the same space and re-live. Sit and re-live. I am telling you, when you sit and re-live, suddenly your bio-memory will wake up, your muscle-memory will wake up, and you will say, ‘Hey, there is no need that I should have created this pattern during that incident!

There is no need that it has to be the only response I could have had! There is no logical connection between the pattern I built and the experience I went through! Yes, my aunt was beating me because I have taken a candy from my niece; yes, my warden was beating me because I have stolen a pencil from my friend; yes, my teacher was beating me because I didn’t do my homework; but, that does not necessarily need to create the pattern which I created and with which I am suffering and living my life with that incompletion!’ That waking up, the moment that waking up happens, that pattern loses its power over you. It is like a building losing its foundation and collapsing....the incompletion collapses. Sometimes people ask me, ‘What if I got beaten for somebody else’s mistake?’ Fool! It is all the more illogical! Don’t you see, it is all the more illogical! Sit! My consolation, my encouragement, my inspiration can only make you sit. YOU have to see that space! When you sit and relive it two-three times, how even the most horror stories of your life loses the base and collapses! Sometimes people tell, ‘No, no, Swamiji! May be some of your incompletions are like foundationless building. But my incompletions are like a pile foundation, and go deeper than my muscle-memory, bio-memory.’ Whether you have piles or not, I don’t care! You have pile foundation or not, I don’t care! I tell you, I have seen all foundations. All foundations are standing on foundationless foundation! Sit, sit with your most terrorizing, horror incompletions. You will suddenly see you yourself will wake up, your own bio-memory will wake up, your own muscle-memory will wake up. It will tell, ‘Hey, hey, hey, come on! Now let us do the next work!’ ‘No, what about my incompletion?’ ‘It is all not there! Come! Come! It went away yesterday!’ ‘No, I thought it is going to come... I thought I should re-live and relieve.’ ‘No, no, it went away yesterday!’ ‘What happened?’

I tell you, your most horror story incompletions also don’t have the logical foundation in you. They don’t have the pile foundation in you. Sit and go back to that exact space when that incident happened, when that pattern got developed. Suddenly you will see it loses its foundation and just collapses, disappears! Your incompletion loses power over your muscle-memory and bio-memory. Your mood swings lose power over your muscle-memory and bio-memory. Every time your muscle-memory or bio-memory wakes up to this one truth, your patterns don’t have foundation in your muscle-memory and bio-memory and collapse, you are experiencing “inner awakening”! I bless you all to have eternal inner awakening! Let your awakening be permanent and eternal! Let your incompletions and patterns disappear once for all now! So, today, I wanted to guide you all into this process. This itself is a Kalpataru!

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!