Date Title
23-May-2018 Integrity To Time Helps You Mirror Superconsciousness
12-May-2018 Turn Inspiration Into Immediate Action - Chemistry Of the Guru-Disciple Relationship
23-Apr-2018 Trinetra Kumbhaka - Breathing Technique To Attain The State, Space & Powers Of Mahadeva
21-Apr-2018 Why Working on The Mind is a Waste of Time
21-Apr-2018 Q & A On Manifesting Powers - MSS
16-Apr-2018 Why You Need To Know About The 11 Dimensions Of The Universe - MSS
08-Apr-2018 Walking Bare Feet On The Ground - To Experience A Miracle Of Mother Earth MahaSadāshivoham Q&A Session
08-Apr-2018 Good Karma And Bad Karma Explained - MahaSadāshivoham Q&A Session
25-Mar-2018 Message Of Bhagavan Sri Ram Chandra - Build Your Life On Powerful Cognitions
22-Mar-2018 Realization - Persisting With Conscious Truths Even When You Struggle To Manifest Them
12-Mar-2018 The Physics Of Guru - Disciple Relationship
06-Mar-2018 Secrets Of How You Sleep, Wake Up And Dream
03-Mar-2018 ‘Living Enlightenment’ The Software Released By Sadāshiva For Humanity - Jeevan Mukti Anniversary
27-Feb-2018 Circuitry for Power Manifestation - Scientific Secrets Revealed (Intensity and Continuity)
26-Feb-2018 E=MC2 - Intensity Is Continuity (Excerpt from the original satsang)
09-Feb-2018 Be Ferocious With Your Boredom And Tiredness
08-Feb-2018 The Inner Space You Carry Is You
06-Feb-2018 The Pure Space Of Oneness - How to Experience Oneness Through Ferociousness
09-Jan-2018 41st Jayanthi Message - Humanity has waited too long for Superconscious Breakthrough
06-Jan-2018 Shiva Vidya From Mrigendra Agama - The Ultimate Knowledge Of The 11 Dimensions Of The Universe
31-Dec-2017 Kaala - The Fourth Dimension Of The Universe Explained - MahaSadāshivoham
26-Dec-2017 Manifestation Of Powers Raises Your Frequency To The Ultimate Powerfulness
24-Dec-2017 Essence Of All Spiritual Practice - Raising The  Frequency Of Your Consciousness
23-Dec-2017 Nirvana Deeksha - Initiation To Infuse Turiyatita Into The Body & Mind
17-Dec-2017 Mahasadashivoham - Introduction to Superconscious Breakthrough
10-Dec-2017 Amritattva Aushadha - Reversing the Effect of Tim
07-Dec-2017 Why Your Body Needs Detoxification
28-Nov-2017 Your Self-Doubt Cannot Stop My Initiation For Manifesting Powers
24-Nov-2017 Initiation into Mind Reading
22-Nov-2017 Why Do We Have So Many Gods In Hinduism
21-Nov-2017 Your Body Manifests What You Believe