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In today’s morning satsang from Hardwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about advaithic enthusiasm. Only when you re-write your future with advaithic enthusiasm your past becomes irrelevant. Enriching gives you the new possibility, the new future and all the dirt of your past disappears. Thinking that you are right or wrong is an irrelevant waste of time. Enthusiasm arising from advaitha is Jeevan Muktha.
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Hardwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, advaithic enthusiasm, re-write your future, past, irrelevant, enriching, possibility, new future, thinking, right or wrong, waste of time, Jeevan Muktha.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Belgium-Dhyanapeetam, Hebbal-Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Sherman Oaks, New York-Varanasi, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Abu Dhabi, Gyaneshwar-Nepal, Port Washington-New York, Philadelphia, San Jose-Madurai, Wellington-North Carolina, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Netherlands, High Point-North Carolina, Dhyanapeetam-Hosur, Singapore-Singapuram, Mukthananda-Seattle, Surat-Gujarat, Toronto-Kailasam, Houston-Kalahasti, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Phoenix-Kanchipuram, Indrani-New Jersey, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Vancouver-Canada, Seattle-Chidambaram, Nithyananda Nagara-Bidadi, St. Louis-Texas, Ohio-Prayag, Dakota Dunes, Colombo-Sri Lanka, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Oman-Sivagangai...........

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Chidambarananda, Dubai!  Birthday blessings!  With all the auspiciousness, you will be with me, I will be with you!  Blessings!

Today I wanted to expand on “ADVAITHIC ENTHUSIASM”. 

Understand this important truth: ONLY WHEN YOU REWRITE YOUR FUTURE, THE PAST WILL BE FINALLY ERASED.  Ultimately, the impact of the past on your life can disappear only when you consciously rewrite your future.  You can do all types of Completion – standing up, standing down, sitting up, sitting down, standing upside down, you can re-live, re-live, re-live – you can do any type of Completion, you can have life-size mirror, mirror-size life, you can sit any number of hours in front of yourself, in front of mirror, but, listen, ultimately, the final dirt of the past, final dirt of the past incompletions leave your system only when you rewrite your future with Advaithic enthusiasm. 

Listen!  Only when you start creating the future with Advaithic enthusiasm, the past disappears.  You have to make past irrelevant, only then it disappears once for all.  You have to make your past irrelevant.  Understand, only when you rewrite your future, your past becomes irrelevant.  Only then your past becomes irrelevant.  Your past can never become irrelevant if you don’t rewrite your future with tremendous enthusiasm.  As long as you live the life, ‘I told him, he did  not do.’, ‘I told her, she did not do.’, means, as long as you don’t stand up to the Whole around you, you will not be living Advaitha, you will not be creating your life, rewriting the future may be theory.

Listen!  Listen!  Only when you rewrite your future, the past impact disappears.  There is a beautiful example we read in the young age; or, I can say during “childhood days”.  I should not use the word “young age”, after all  I am still young!  “Childhood days”!  In the school, there will be  storybooks, so in one storybook I read.  One boy was very naughty, mischievous, will do all sorts of things to torture others.  The family was not able to control him at all.  So, finally, father has decided there is only one way to teach him a lesson.  Whenever this fellow does something mischievous, hurting others, the father will put one nail on the door-frame.  First ten days okay; the nails were only some thirty, forty!  But when the nails started growing to eighty, ninety, hundred, everyone in the street started asking, ‘What is this’,  ‘Why so many nails on the door?’ Father started saying, ‘Whenever my son does some mischievous thing, I put one nail here.’  Now it is getting too much! 

Suddenly, the son saw the whole street is looking at him in a different way.  See, whatever said and done, earlier also he is known for his mischievousness, but not so much together!  They will always call him and scold him and forget about it. But, now, it is almost like all the files put together!  Everyone sees his house door-frame, started laughing at this boy.  When the nails have grown up to two-hundred, now this fellow felt, ‘It is too much.  I can’t handle this anymore.’  He goes and cries to his father.  Father says, ‘If you promise me you will never do these mischievous things to hurt others, I will remove all  the nails.’  So, this fellow also promised to transform himself and not to hurt others and do mischievous things.  The father removed all the nails.  This fellow thought he is completely free, relaxed, happy.  But next day when he came and saw, he saw the dents of the nails are there!  The holes where the nails were inserted, those two-hundred holes are there!  Still people continued to see the holes, they were laughing.  He goes and asks his dad.  His father says, ‘It will take a little time for the marks to disappear; then I will clean the wood and make the nail dents also go away, the nail marks also go away.’ 

Understand, only when you clean the very wood and do something else on it, the old dents can go completely.  Understand, that is why Enriching!  Enriching gives you new possibility.  It is not for me, it is for you.  But, unfortunately, your self-centred mind looks at everything with a selfish scale – ‘Why should I do this?’  If you are asked to harm somebody, you never ask any question; you straightaway go and harm.  But if you are asked to do something good to somebody or do something enriching, you ask thousand-and-one questions,  thousand-and-one questions – ‘Why should I enrich?’  That is why the harming religions are very flourishing, enriching religions are very slow progressing.  Because, human-beings out of their sheer stupidity, harm more easily than enrich.  Building a school and giving knowledge to kids, educating them to live their lives responsibly will be more difficult.  But creating a terrorist camp and teaching them to go and do some terrorist activities seems to be very easy.  Because, human-beings are prone to hurting others without asking any logical questions. 

Understand, Enriching is the strength of new life happening to you, understand?  When you enrich, it literally creates a new future, you rewrite the new future, and the old future just disappears, it becomes irrelevant to you.  The more you are into Enriching, the more your past becomes distant from you.  If you want the joy and excitement and bliss and enthusiasm of Inner Awakening to continue in you, the Completion of the Inner Awakening to continue in you, take up the lifestyle of Enriching. 

People ask me again and again, the last few days this is one of the important questions, the moment people feel the breakthrough, joy, Completion, Fulfilment ‘How can I retain this?’  Because, they know, this is the most difficult thing they got in their life.  Now I am giving you the straight answer.  That time I was not giving the answer because you were not ready to receive the answer.  Now I am giving you the straight answer: ENRICHING LIFESTYLE!  

You may ask, ‘What is Enriching?’  AGAIN AND AGAIN MAKING YOURSELF AUTHENTIC, INTEGRATED, RESPONSIBLE, AND MAKING OTHERS EXPERIENCE AUTHENTICITY, INTEGRITY, AND RESPONSIBILITY.  If you can do it better than me, you yourself do it, making them live.  If you think I can do much better than you, bring them to Inner Awakening; that’s all!  Simple logic!  Enriching is, making every human-being live Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, and helping them to achieve Complete Completion, Perpetual Completion, initiating them into Unclutching.  If you think you can do much better than me, my blessings!  Please do it!  If you think I can do it better than you, bring them to Inner Awakening.  It is simple logic!  Enriching is nothing but making more and more lives, live Advaitha.  You also live Advaitha.  You living it more and more, making others live it more and more, is Enriching.  Don’t ever think, just because you finished Inner Awakening, you started living.  You are expected to start living, but it has to become life.

Enthusiasm of enlightenment, activism of Advaitha, should become really real in you!  Not giving up on yourself, not giving up on others, completing with all the tremendous pain and impossibility which always pushes you down.  Understand, it is because of that pain and impossibility you even assumed the human body!  Don’t ask why it came.  First of all, that question you should not ask me, I should ask you, ‘Why did you do this to you?’  People come and ask me, ‘Why did this depression come to me, Swamiji?’  I should ask you, ‘Why did you get so depressed?’  Don’t ask me.  By asking me don’t try to escape from what you did to you!

Make Advaithic Activism as lifestyle.  This tremendous impossibilities and pain which goes on pushing you down, burn it away!  Re-live and relieve them!  Complete and get rid of it!  The best thing I saw in these devotees of Mahadeva, Shiva bhaktas, going around and doing Kawadia Yatra, is the tremendous excitement and enthusiasm.  God!  Every break where do you think I am?  We are feeding lakhs of devotees with a huge tent.  Thanks to Uttarakhand Police for giving us permission and allotting us a huge place.  It is going on even now.  I can tell them to get you the photographs of the service activity.  We are giving good drinking water, food, twenty-four hours.  All our ashramites and volunteers are standing and giving.  Especially, yesterday, the huge crowd, and huge Shiva bhaktas! 

Please understand, Hats off to their sincerity and enthusiasm, The police is not able to give permission for our vehicles to go there otherwise I really wanted to take all you guys and  show you all. Not oinly police is not giving permission, we can’t, all the vehicle cannot go, it is such thick traffic.

You need to understand, don’t even imagine people are walking.  I can literally say, the whole two-hundred kilometres, people are running!  The amount of enthusiasm!  All the way from Nepal, people have come carrying Ganga water from here!  All the way from Nepal they came by walk, understand!  Of course, Nepal is not too long from here, but surely more than two-hundred kilometres; that much I know.  All the way from Nepal people come here, do this Kawadiya Yatra, and then take one more Ganga-water pot to Pashupathinath!  What an amount of enthusiasm!  God!  I really wanted to make this as a compulsory for all my sannyasis.  You have to do at least three Kawadiya Yatras.  No, really!  The amount of enthusiasm and excitement!  See, excitement in the name of Mahadeva, not for anything else!  When I saw that excitement, I was just so happy!  I saw, in one post, where some juice is being served, and then, after some seven, eight kilometres, our camp where food is being served.  I saw, there also people are running, here also people are running!  It is not that they run for two kilometres, then they stop and slowly walk.  No!  Literally, with the “Bam Bam Bole! Bam Bam Bole!  Bam Bam Bole!” sound they run throughout the two-hundred kilometres!  It is almost like two-hundred kilometres marathon, Shiv Marathon, Shiva Marathon!

Understand, the enthusiasm, excitement they brought in the name of Mahadeva, whatever they understand as Mahadeva!  They may not have a complete understanding of Mahadeva; they may think Mahadeva is only a person who gives them health or wealth, whatever.  There are many whom I saw.  There are sincerely interested even in Sannyas!  We were giving Sannyas pamphlets and flyers.  People were very interested.  So there are many evolved seekers, there are some simple devotees.  Whatever they understand as Mahadeva, out of that truth, they created excitement and enthusiasm.  The same enthusiasm and excitement if you can create out of Advaitha, living enlightenment, you are a Jeevan Muktha!

Understand, more and more Advaithic knowledge, more and more the science of enlightenment makes you more and more excited, enthusiastic, active, alive, enriching, then you are travelling in the right path.  If you become more and more dull, more and more dead, more and more depressed, you are travelling in the path of arrogance, abusing yourself and others, abusing yourself and the Advaitha Sathyas.  Once you are initiated into Unclutching and Living Enlightenment, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Advaitha, your living hours should become at least eighteen hours!  Means, it should multiply by a few times!  The depth of your mental activity, physical activity, emotional activity, the conscious activity, all should multiply.  Only the depth of your incompletion should reduce.  When the depth of your incompletions reduce, your whole being becomes active. 

Understand, if anybody’s lip is looking down, he is not my sannyasi, not my disciple; I disown you!  At any time your lip should be only up.  That is where the life starts.  Only then you are my disciple!  If you put your lips down, you are only getting more and more infused with arrogance.  Let your lip be always up, smiling, alive, living Advaitha.  If it is down, then there is something seriously wrong.  Look in.  Complete with it.  After all there is a great Kalpataru process available to you.  If you start developing the pattern – ‘Completion is not working for me’ – complete with that pattern also.  Because you are so cunning, you create new-new problems.  Till the time you find the solution for your problems, you go on creating more and more problems, because you think that is the way you can prove, establish you are right!  I don’t want to say you are wrong, but I don’t want to say you are right!  Neither waste time thinking you are wrong, nor waste time thinking you are right, nor go in the directions your incompletions have built for you, and neither waste time thinking you are wrong.  Just make your past irrelevant by the tremendous enthusiasm, activism, excitement you bring to your life, you bring to your declarations, you bring to your intelligence. 

Let Advaitha become your atma.  Let Unclutching become your atma.  Let Advaitha become your atma, soul.  Let Jnana become your atma.  Let Dhyana become your atma.  Let Prema become your atma.  Let Vairagya become your atma.  Let Advaitha become your atma.  Let bliss become your atma.  Let excitement become your atma.  Advaithic Activism become your atma.  Let enthusiasm become your thinking style.  Let excitement become your thinking style.  Let enlightenment become your thinking style.  All the incompletions stops your brain thinking, stops your emotions feeling, let all those incompletions be burnt!  Let you all be the high, powerful energy spaces where you move yourself and the world to live Advaitha!

I tell you, make Enriching as lifestyle; your past will become irrelevant.  That is why always I tell  people, if you build one temple, your heart will become a temple!  Because, to build one temple, the amount of work you need to do, the way you need to enrich people, inspire people, everything, by the time you do all this work, your heart is enriched, these great truths are become part of your bio-memory, these become your being!  I tell you, anybody who builds one temple, their heart will become a temple, they will be living Advaitha!  Because one temple building it takes for you to go on enriching at least few thousand people, making all of them live Advaitha, making all of them live Completion, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility.

The essence of today’s satsangh:

Bring yourself to the highest responsibility and highest enthusiasm, highest enlightenment, highest Authenticity and Integrity, and highest Enriching.  Live enlightenment.  Live Guru Vaak! 


I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!