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In today’s morning satsang from Hardwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Advaitha, the non-dual space lived in being and doing. He told us that a glimpse of Advaitha is easy because it is being in the space of advaitha. We need to live advaitha in all our doing, in our job, career, relationships and every aspect of our life. SDHD eats away your experience of advaitha and must not be allowed in your system.
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Hardwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Advaitha, non-dual, space, being, doing, job, career, relationships, aspect of life, SDHD, must not be allowed
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. 

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Singapore-Singapuram, Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Indrani-New Jersey, San Jose-Madurai, St. Louis Tirumala, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Nithyananda Nagara-Bidadi, Houston-Kalahasti, Seattle-Chidambaram, Anaheim-California, Toronto-Kailasam, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, Ohio-Prayag, Madurai-Dhyanapeetam, Phoenix-Kanchipuram, Mumbai-Dharavi, New York-Varanasi, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Seremban-Sivakasi, Hebbal-Bangalore, Erode-Adi Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Colombo-Sri Lanka, Jorpati-Nepal, New York-Varanasi, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Abu Dhabi, High Point-North Carolina, Sherman Oaks-California, Port Washington-New York, Dhyanapeetam Hosur.

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today I wanted to expand on Oneness, Advaitha. The non-dual space, “being” and “doing”, in both establishing yourself in the non-dual space of Advaitha.

Listen!  Please listen!  The non-dual space, the Advaitha need to be lived in “being” and “doing”.  It's one of the most unfortunate thing -- some of the traditions, the spiritual traditions, have given so much of importance to being in Advaitha, they forget as long as the human body is alive, there will be “doing” also.  When the process, methodology, technique for “doing” without disturbing “being” in Advaitha is not established, people lose the Advaithic space, understand?

Today morning, when she was describing -- one of our IA participants, she described that the non-dual space, oneness happened, staying for weeks and weeks and weeks.  Not for any brand promotion or pride I am telling you, only an Inner Awakening participant can enjoy that space and experience that space. Because -- she was telling that “I went through all types of techniques, methods, gurus, places -- meditated; but it never happened!”. Even if it happens, it will only give you a glimpse of being in Advaitha.  When your whole body is arrested, mind is arrested, you can have a glimpse of that -- light; that’s all. 

But -- not just being in Advaitha, being even while you are doing in Advaitha, only becomes Samadhi.    Being, even while you are doing in the space of Advaitha, only becomes Samadhi.  That happens only when the Master trains you to experience Advaitha from -- in all aspects, in all dimensions of your life, various dimensions of your life!  You are not just the body.  Body is one dimension of you.  You are not just the mind.  Mind is one dimension of you. 

Whatever you call as “life” –- mostly your lifestyle only you call it as “life”; the way you eat, the way you dress, the way you house yourself, the way you act and react; your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is one of the dimensions of you. And all the relationships you have, all your related people, how people relate with you, infusing Advaitha even in your relationships, in your lifestyle, the way you react and respond to wealth, the way you react and respond to relationships, the way you react and respond to crisis in your life, the way you react and respond to the survival threats, the way you react and respond to life in every dimension, everything. You need to be established in Advaitha. You need to be in the space of Advaitha.

Be in the space of Advaitha.  Just giving you the glimpse of being in Advaitha does not take me more than ten minutes. Please understand. By the eleventh minute, I can put anybody -- by the eleventh minute I can put anybody in the space of Advaitha in being!  But “being”, unfortunately, becomes only one part of you.  You are clouded, corrupted so much -– I don’t even want to use the word “corrupt”; I may want to use the word “polluted”.  “Corruption” is more like knowingly doing; “pollution” is more like imposed on you. Polluted so much with so many things, just being in Advaitha is not going to make you live enlightenment.  Being in Advaitha, even while you are “doing”, only that is going to make it happen.  Only that is going to make it happen!  Jeevan Mukthi is possible only then!

I am so happy she has walked out of her self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial (SDHD) so much. She has come out so much. She is able to hold herself up and say, ‘I am living Jeevan Mukthi”!  I am proud of her!  Really proud of her!  And I wanted you to know, she is not lying; she is telling the truth!  I was only afraid that slowly that SDHD may eat it away; but she has reached the Completion level enough not to allow the SDHD level to eat it away.  It is how Rahu and Kethu eat the Sun and the Moon.  You need to know, these modern-day so-called “space researchers” and astronomers are saying --

See, in Indian astrology, Rahu and Kethu eat the Sun and the Moon.  But all these modern astronomers go on abusing us saying, ‘No, no, no, no. There is no Rahu, no Kethu -- eats the Moon and the Sun.  It is there as it is.  Only the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon, or the shadow of the Moon falls on the Earth; that is what is eclipse.’  Please understand, these modern-day astronomers, they may know the “mass” -– planets.  Even that they are not very clear (()).  But, in our Vedic tradition, we never considered the “mass” –- planets -– as “grahas”.  The influence of those planets only we called as “grahas”. 

The energy they radiate. The energy they exert. The energy they radiate into the cosmos, into the universe. That only we call as “graha”.

Please understand, during every eclipse, the Rahu’s energy completely nullifies the energy radiated by Moon or the Sun. Kethu’s energy nullifies completely the energy radiated by the Sun or the Moon.  No energy, no effect; whether good or bad, of the Moon, reaches the planet Earth during the eclipse.  It is an energy phenomena our Masters are talking about. 

Anyhow, just like how Rahu and Kethu eat the Sun and the Moon; your SDHD –- self-doubt, hatred, denial –- eats away your experience of Advaitha.  The one and only way you can save yourself from SDHD –- self-doubt, hatred and denial; is living Advaitha in your actions, being in Advaitha not just while you are meditating or being. Making it as a lifestyle, thinking style, the way you relate with others and yourself in your very doing! 

Please understand, in your very doing! 

In every doing, the oneness, non-dual consciousness, the non-dual space, the Advaithic space of you. Is not something supposed to be experienced only in your meditation alone.  That is why some of the Vedantis who don’t understand Vedanta, they go on saying, “Brahma satyam jagat mithya”.   Means, “God alone is true, Brahman alone is true.  The World is illusion”!  Yes, I am not saying it is wrong, but they missed the third statement: “Jivo brahmaiva naparaha” – “The individual Jeeva you experience is nothing but Brahman!”.  So, whether “being” or “action”, the oneness has to be radiated, lived, experienced.

The process yesterday that was going on in the Inner Awakening, the twelfth day process, everyone experientially understood “Jagat Mithya” -– “whatever you see as the world is illusion”.  The moment one incompletion is triggered by somebody, then that’s all!  You don’t see “The World” anymore.  “The World” does not exist; only “My World” exists.  That is what is meant by the great Maha Vaakya: “Jagat Mithya”.  What you perceive as “My World” is “mithya”, because, a small incompletion, the moment it got triggered, it gets triggered. A small incompletion, the moment it gets triggered, you stop seeing “The World”, and you are deluded in “My World”.  “Brahma satyam jagat mithya!”. I don’t disagree.  “Jagat Mithya!” But, that does not mean in your actions –- you will not radiate the truth of “Brahma satyam”. In your actions also you have to radiate the truth of oneness, non-dual consciousness. 

Every relationship, the attitude you build towards every relationship, the attitude you build towards your money, the attitude you build towards your health, the attitude you build towards the people around you, the situations around you, things around you, pets, plants, planets, everything around you, should be from that same oneness and Completion, should be from that same non-dual consciousness.  Only then you understand the third statement, the important statement: Jivo brahmaiva naparah” – “The individual Self you experience is nothing but the Cosmic Consciousness!   

Your SDHD will eat away even if I give you the glimpse of Nirvikalpa Samadhi just in your being level.  Actually, during the Unclutching initiation, all of you had the Nirvikalpa Samadhi.  No doubt about it!  Unless you have the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, I don’t leave you out of the room!  That is the QC pass – Quality Control pass – I do!  The drilling in your Ananda Gandha has to happen with the pure consciousness.  Naturally it becomes Nirvikalpa Samadhi.  But the real effects of Advaitha happen in you only when that oneness starts radiating. Only when you radiate that oneness in your doing.  

While you are seeing your finance, your accounts, sitting with your auditor, do you feel that oneness without falling into powerlessness?  While you are sitting with your spouse and having dinner or lunch, do you feel that oneness without falling into powerlessness?  When you are sitting with your team and discussing your corporate strategy, your office strategy, does your consciousness be established in that oneness and non-duality without falling into powerlessness? 

Look in!  Just your back pain disappearing is not the result of Advaitha.  All the pain which you have hidden in your back should disappear!  Not just your back pain disappearing; all the pains which you have put into your back have to disappear! 

Shuddha Advaitha Sukhabodha Jnaanam”. The pure Advaitha’s joyful influence, and the wisdom which comes out of the joyful influence, please understand, the joyful influence of Advaitha, is what I call “Completion”.  The joyful influence of Advaitha is what I call “Perpetual Completion”.  The joyful influence of Advaitha is what I call “Sahaja Samadhi”.  The blissful influence of Advaitha in your every step of life which cannot be eaten away by SDHD is what I call “Nithyananda”. 

So, the biggest enemy for living Advaitha, the biggest enemy for Advaitha in your doing, in your actions, is your SDHD – self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial.  Your SDHD is the biggest enemy, biggest Rahu and Kethu who swallows the Sun and the Moon.  Sun is Advaitha in being;  Moon is Advaitha in action; Rahu is your SDHD; Kethu is self-blackmailing pattern.  Rahu is SDHD; Kethu is SB – self-blackmailing pattern. 

Please understand, when these two eat your “being in Advaitha” and “living in Advaitha”, you forget that you are Jeevan Muktha, you live Advaitha.  And I really felt bad when I listened to Madhuri’s sharing!  I am so happy, finally she found her living enlightenment which is not getting lost, which is continuously living; but I feel so bad in Indian tradition, Vedic tradition –- somebody has to struggle for seventeen years to achieve this experience. Have we become so enlightenment-poor?

No poverty takes away our pride.  We Sanatana Hindu Dharmis are proud about our poverty.  Understand, go to any village, the amount of pride people carry about their poverty!  We are proud of our poverty, but not of this poverty where seventeen years somebody has to search for having Living Advaitha.  I tell you, the Rahu and Kethu for Vedic tradition is all the lifestyle patterns which has strengthened our SDHD.  It -- the “Macaulay’s Education” which took away our clarity about Advaitha, the colonial mental setup. The colonial mental setup is our SDHD –- self-doubt, hatred, denial.  It is this colonial mental setup which took away our Advaitha from us. 

I tell you -- first of all, we never had poverty till we have been swindled by all these invaders.  Till the 17th century, we were the richest country in the world!  We never had poverty.  Poverty was imposed on us to break our confidence.  The artificial famines created by the British Empire, how they broke our backbone by creating artificial poverty!  The Bengal Famine was planned by the British.  Around seventeen famines we had to go through which was never part of our Vedic tradition.  Only in the colonial periods, under the invaders, we went through seventeen major famines where millions were killed.  It was just to break our confidence on our Vedic tradition, on our lifestyle, on our thinking pattern. 

I tell you, that is the way they inserted SDHD –- self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial -– into us.  They swindled the country.  Ships and ships of gold from this country have been shipped out.  And then they started the missionaries and charities. Giving a few pennies back to us in the name of missionary and charity, to take away our confidence from this great Sanatana Dharma, Sanatana Hindu Dharma. 

Many times people ask me, “Why do you wear this gold rudraksha, gold throne?”  I wanted to tell you, it is not gold; it is gold painted!  Second, I wanted to remind you guys -- the richness, the way the Vedic tradition lived, the richness we had in the Vedic tradition.  Unfortunately, all the good things, auspicious things, are attributed to the western, colonial lifestyle. 

The other day I was browsing through some of the photographs of the recent museum inaugurated in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in India.  I was feeling so sad that all the best things we are showcasing are from the colonial era.  Only the British things are gold-coated, golden.  Very unfortunate!  The idea of “best life” is somehow associated with the people who ruled us, who made us slaves. 

Somehow the “good life” has become their lifestyle.  The idea of “good life” has been branded as the British lifestyle.  We forgot the good life of the Vedic tradition.  In the last three-hundred years, seventeen famines!  What will happen to that civilization?  When you look back, you can only remember the three-hundred years, and you remember only poverty, poverty, poverty as the lifestyle of the Vedic tradition!  That is why this stupid word – “Hindu Rate of Growth” – has been developed. 

Please understand, our self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial has been created, injected, encouraged by the British by putting us into poverty. Showing their lifestyle as good lifestyle, and still we stupid fellows are practising and believing the same, practising and believing the same. 

We should tell the world that the Vedic lifestyle, Vedic beliefs, is “good life”. And that brand of good life, royal life, luxury life, best life, should be again connected back to living Advaitha, the non-dual consciousness.  The people who live and practice non-duality do not need to be always with the begging bowl.  They picked up the begging bowl voluntarily because that is the only way we can relate with you.  We will have the opportunity to come to your doors, not to receive, but to give!  [applause] Buddha picked up the begging bowl – not to beg from you. He took this opportunity to come to your doorsteps to show you the grace of being Buddha! [applause] Mahadeva picked up the begging bowl not to beg from you. He does not need to eat anything, or he can eat anything!  He does not need to eat anything, or he can eat anything!  He didn’t pick up the begging bowl to receive anything from you, but to come to your doorsteps so that you can see the grace, the grace he carries, and you may follow living Advaitha! 

In 1943, millions of people in Bengal starved to death by artificial famine created by the British.  This was the last effort to break our confidence that we won’t be able to survive on our own without British ruling us.  The British ordered the destruction of all boats and rice stocks in coastal Bengal. And it exported seventy-thousand tons of rice for the use of British troops and British civilians. 

More than four million people were made to die to break our confidence in the Vedic lifestyle. But the news was never let out because the British authorities took advantage of wartime censorship.  See, during wartime you have the power of stopping news.  They took advantage of the wartime censorship to keep this news quiet. 

I tell you, it is unfortunate -- even we started believing the reason for our poverty, our suffering. All the bad things, is our lifestyle and our thinking style and the cognition given to us by the Advaithic tradition, which is completely wrong, understand.  My only hope is the NRIs (Non-Resident Indians).  It is you guys, only you can tell the world -- Advaitha is the best way of thinking. Advaitha is the best way of doing. The Advaithic oneness in being and in doing is the best lifestyle, royal lifestyle. The “best life” tag should be connected, branded with Advaithic lifestyle, the non-dual lifestyle.  My only hope is the NRIs.  Only you guys will be able to do that.  Once you do it, the Indians will follow.  That is the way we live!  What to do? 

Bring Advaitha, the space of Completion, the space of powerfulness, which comes when you experience Nirvikalpa Samadhi in meditation, in Unclutching, bring that into your doing, in your business deals, in your corporate strategies, in your profession, in your career.  Whether you are a housewife, homemaker, or a lawyer, engineer, doctor, social leader, spiritual leader, political leader, whatever you are doing, bring the being of non-dual consciousness, Advaitha into your doing. Always be in the space of Completion and powerfulness and go on handling your life.  You will radiate that grace of Advaitha, and the “best life” tag should be added to Advaithic lifestyle. 

All this [touching his golden colour painted throne] is nothing but trying to add the “best life” tag to Advaithic lifestyle. That’s all; nothing else!  The “best life” tag was unfortunately taken away from us purposely in a very planned way by the British by pushing us into poverty, causing artificial famines, sucking us out.  You need to know, we don’t need to “build” this country, we need to “rebuild” this country; because we had everything!  Don’t even think we need to build it, that we never had it.  No!  We just need to rebuild it.  If we know we need to “rebuild”, we will have the confidence over the original thinking style, the lifestyle of the Vedic tradition.

The essence of today’s satsangh:

Do not allow the SDHD infused into your system -- self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial.  And bring Advaitha not just in your being -- in your every doing.  Live Advaitha in your doing.  Live Advaitha in your doing.  Let the “best life” tag be added to Advaithic lifestyle and not to the British lifestyle.

I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!