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In today's (2 October 2014) morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on the significance of Navaratri. These nine days, the special possibility opens for all to experience the ultimate pure expression of consciousness. Navaratri is the time to complete with all the incompletions related to our attempts and failures, tapas, spiritual practices, all the incompletions related to our incompletions. Also, whenever we encountered life, shrinking or 'feeling small, innocent and helpless' is our natural response that we adopt from our young age. We voluntarily celebrate the existence of stupidity. This pattern of claiming frightened victimhood, childhood, frightened ignorance and innocence should be completed now.
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, possibility, Nithyananda, Navaratri, consciousness, completion, experience
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, visitors, viewers, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us having Nayana Deeksha: Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Ohio-Prayag, Singapore- Singapuram, San Jose-Madurai, Charlotte-Srisailam, Thanjavur Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, Tiruvannamalai, and lot more cities. More and more when they....many more are online....

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today, ninth day of the Navaratri Utsava, and seventh day of the Venkateshwara Brahmotsava. Venkateshwara is gracing all of us in Suvarna Hamsa Vaahana, the Golden Swan Vehicle, and Devi is gracing us in the form of Maha Saraswathi with Lakshmi and Saraswathi serving her. She is gracing all of us in the form of Maha Saraswathi. Let us receive their grace and blessings and enter into the satsangh.

Today I wanted to expand on the importance of Navaratri, and significance of Navaratri. Devi, the ultimate pure feminine consciousness – of course, consciousness is beyond masculine and feminine – ultimate pure expression of consciousness. These nine days, the special door opens for all of us to experience that consciousness, the special possibility opens, the consciousness is available for us to experience, explore, to awaken the “dhi”, “buddhi”, in all of us. “Dhi” means in Sanskrit, “awakened intelligence”. Intelligence which is functioning from the space of Completion, intelligence which is established in the space of Advaitha Sathya is called “dhi”.  “Dheekshanya”, “dhi”, that word means “intelligence which is functioning from the space of Advaitha”, “intelligence which is awakened from the space of Advaitha”.

“Ellai Illor Shuddha Swayamprakaasha Jnaana Paraveli” – the Tamil word which I expressed now, this is the definition the Atma Purana, the four Upanishadic Tamil translation and commentary which uses, this is the word I myself studied at the young age to define Parashakthi. That is why spontaneously I uttered that word. Boundaryless experientially possible consciousness, it is available for all of us, especially on these Navaratri days. All you need to do in these Navaratri days to experience that consciousness is, the pain of your tapas, the incompletions and impossibilities you carry towards your tapas should be completed.

Listen! All of us, all of you will be carrying that incompletion – ‘I tried, but failed. I did this tapas, but failed.’ ‘I was thinking to do this, but I didn’t.’ ‘I think it seems a little impossible for me.’ Navaratri is the time to complete with that. All the incompletions related to your tapas, all the incompletions related to your incompletions need to be completed. Listen! All the incompletions related to your incompletions need to be completed. HAHAHAHA! Navaratri is the time for that.

All these impossibilities need to be completed. Once you complete all the impossibilities and all the incompletions you have about your incompletions....

Understand, incompletions you have about your incompletions need to be completed. Navaratri is the time for that. Navaratri is the space for that. Navaratri is the energy for that. Navaratri is the time where you can complete with all your incompletions, especially the incompletions about the incompletions. It is a beautiful opportunity to complete with all the incompletions about the incompletions. Incompletions about the incompletions! More than your incompletions, your beliefs about your incompletions, your incompletions about your incompletions are the biggest obstacles. More than the fear, your fear about the fear! More than the incompletions, your incompletions about your incompletions, that keeps you incomplete. It is time you all complete that. One more thing: If you want Mahadeva’s grace you have to complete all your incompletions. But if you want Devi’s grace, even if you TRY to complete with your incompletions, or even if you ACT as if you are trying to complete your incompletions, she will come down and grace you! Because, Mahadeva will leave what he has to give you, and you have to stretch, stretch, stretch and pick up and put it in your mouth. Devi is not like that. Even if you just stretch your hand and do some act like this here and there, immediately she will come down and ask, ‘Hey, come on!  What do you want?’ And she is available so powerfully on this Navaratri, especially till the day-after-tomorrow evening.

Yesterday evening, by Sapthami, the energy goes up; and Ashtami, Navami, Dashami, Dashami evening only, till this time, these three days, so powerfully available. Decide to complete with all your incompletions about your incompletions, pains related to your tapas, pains related to your spiritual practices, pains related to your attempts and failures, trial and error methods. If you tried something and failed, you will carry incompletion about it. If you planned and did not achieve, you may carry certain incompletions about it. If you plan and fail and get caught in the “impossible” pattern, it is time for you to complete with it. See, even believing impossibility is one more pattern. Complete with that. Complete with it. You would never have imagined even.....forget about you.....even I would never have imagined suddenly ashramites would give such a beautiful bhajan session and performance! And today they gave such a beautiful performance! I just sat in Samadhi! I forgot that I have to start the satsangh.

That is why it went on and on and on. See, when in Vedaranyam, Jnanasambandhar and Appar, two saints, were singing, Appar was trying to open the door. He sang a lot of songs; only then the door opened. Jnanasambandhar wanted to close the door by singing. He sang two songs; immediately the door closed, got closed! So, everyone thought why it took so many songs for Appar to open the door and Jnanasambandhar only two songs to close the door? Is Appar not that spiritually-evolved a soul?’ Immediately Mahadeva said, ‘No, I just lost myself in the songs of Appar.

So I did not remember to respond!’ So, today, almost. Like that I was just lost and I didn’t even remember that I have to start the satsangh. After all they are sannyasis! And, they may not have efficiency, but they are carrying that fire, fire of Sannyas. Efficiency can be added immediately the moment stupidity is completed. See, actually we voluntarily celebrate stupidity. To tell you the truth, we voluntarily celebrate the existence of stupidity. We think by having an Inner Image – ‘I am a small guy’ – we think we can avoid the problems of life. See, whenever we encountered life, shrinking was the response we adopted from the young age. When life tries to corner us – ‘Oh, I am a small boy. I am a small girl. I am a small person. I don’t know anything. I am innocent.’ That was the natural response with which we tried to escape. That is why we celebrate stupidity. We always think if we just claim innocence and “don’t know anything”, and claim a frightened child, victimhood, and be innocent, ignorant, stupid, problems won’t come to us, people will leave us, we get the sympathy, and we won’t get attacked. This is the most simple lesson human-beings have been taught. I can tell you, this is the most simple addiction human-beings get.

I will put this addiction as worse than alcoholism, womanising, or any other addiction, this addiction to victimhood and strongly believing that if you claim victimhood life will let go of you, life will not hold you responsible. Every time see inside you when you take responsibility, when you get the fear or anxiety about what will others tell, what will everyone tell, and if they attack you what can you do, your first response and plan, will be to claim innocence. Then they cannot do anything. Nothing can be done. But, I tell you, this pattern is the worst pattern human-beings suffer. Whenever any of my ashramites or sannyasis, anybody in our Sangha claims this innocence, victimhood – ‘Oh, I didn’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, Oh, I don’t know what happened. I just tried to do what I am trying to.’ – whenever people claim, I see Bhasmasura in them. They are not innocent as they pose. They have developed a powerful pattern which can destroy them and others. Understand? This claiming innocence and trying to be – ‘Oh, I didn’t know; that is why it happened. I didn’t know; that is why it happened. I don’t know how to take the responsibility. I don’t know how to do’ – they are worse than snakes! Snakes will have poison only near the teeth; these fellows will have poison all over their body, because claiming victimhood is the most poisonous pattern which is developed, and you think it is cute, which is wrong, completely wrong. Whoever gets out of that pattern becomes Mahadeva. Decides to take the responsibility!

Mahadeva purposely applies ash, wears these rudraksha beads, lives in smashaana (crematorium). His whole lifestyle you see, purposely he tells the world he is not perfect, he is complete. Actually, perfection is one of the side-effects of Completion. But he just wants to tell the world – ‘I am not interested in showing me perfect. My first priority is to show I am complete.’ Perfection is usually the side-effect of Completion. But he does not want to put the perfection in front. He puts Completion in front. Understand, Completion means being responsible, never leaning on the victimhood. If you are leaning on the victimhood, never expect any good thing from life. It is only Completion which can help you. When you are progressing in some steps, doing some things, if there is an attack, stand responsible. Don’t immediately claim innocence and frightened. ‘No, no, no, no. I didn’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.’ No! Stand responsibly. You will be Mahadeva! You are Shiva! Your profiling is more important than your actions. Profiling means what you are is more important than what your success is or what your actions are. Claiming frightened child, claiming frightened victimhood, claiming frightened innocence and ignorance, hiding behind “I don’t know, I don’t know” – this pattern, this addiction is worse than alcoholism and womanizing and serial murdering patterns.

I tell you, this one “claiming powerlessness and innocence” and “I don’t know”, this pattern once developed, it is “atma hathya”. Atma hathya means...don’t think it means suicide. No! It means “destroying your consciousness”. Once you do that sin, you will not be bothered to do any other sin. You will not be bothered to womanizing, you will not be bothered to be drunk, you will not be bothered to do “panchama baadhakaas”. Claiming frightened victimhood, childhood, claiming frightened childhood, frightened ignorance, innocence, should be completed now. Anything you progress, yes, life will question and ask, others will ask. Stand for it!

Only then you will move forward. Every time when you are asked, you are frightened and back out. Then what do you think you are going to be doing? What do you think you are going to be achieving? Do you think you are going to be progressing? Stop claiming frightened childhood. Stop claiming innocence as the route to scape from life. Stop claiming ignorance as the route to escape from life. That pattern is the worst pattern, original sin!

Stand as a complete being Anybody who stands as a complete being without claiming innocence, ignorance, the frightened childhood, or stupid this kind of patterns, anybody who does not claim this pattern, fall into this pattern, is a Mahant. This is the definition of Mahant: He is a leader who takes it further, takes it further, takes responsibility, stands up. Otherwise, just listening to my satsangh is useless, unless you make it into reality. Make it into reality!

So, with this, I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!