How we choose our birth

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Whether you believe it or not, your life and all its happy and painful circumstances have been consciously chosen by you at the time of your previous death! Only if you can align yourself with the idea of reincarnation will you be able to grasp this truth. At the time of your death, based on all the intelligence that you have when you leave the body, you decide what type of a body you want to take next. This decision is based upon the lifetime you just completed. With the ‘file’ created by the experiences and impressions of the past life, you review the entire file. You ask yourself, ‘What is the best experience that I wanted to have in my life but never had – or which I already experienced, but want to relive once more?’ Then you refer to the past life to see all the experiences you had in your life. Whatever you think was the best, even if it was just a glimpse, you choose that. In order to repeat the same peak experience, you decide on the sort of place that would be good to be born in. Then you decide what type of father and mother are needed. You choose the kind of physical body and circumstances which will help you fulfil that desire. Even suffering, pain, diseases and poverty are all conscious choices! At the time of death, you no longer divide life into ‘good’ and ‘bad ‘ experiences – only experiences. So you may choose any kind of experience to repeat. Sometimes, like in the case of poverty, you make a decision because you don’t want to take the responsibility. It is very difficult to understand this, but it is the truth. When you don’t want to take responsibility of having and guarding money, you choose to be in poverty. Having money means a lot of responsibility. You are always in danger; anytime you can be harassed. You can be kidnapped and your money can be taken away from you. These are all the risks money will bring in life. Therefore, you may choose to be born in poverty! That is why we say even poverty is a conscious choice. The time and other circumstances of birth are also significant in deciding what kind of a life you will have. The moment of your birth is like a snapshot in Consciousness. When you took birth, for one moment the camera shutter opened, and life entered your body. So whatever was there in the scene got recorded. It means that whatever planetary positions existed at that moment got recorded. That is why the time of birth is very important. It is only based on that information that your consciousness functions always. But the snapshot can be altered! Throughout your life, you get many chances to alter the blueprint you came with. Meditation is one way of doing this. Meditation is like exposing your film directly to the sun. Even if the camera’s shutter opens for just one moment, whatever is in front of the camera will be recorded in the film. If the shutter is left completely open, what will happen? If the sun’s rays directly fall on the film, what will happen? Whatever is recorded will be erased. An enlightened being has direct access to your ‘camera’. He can consciously keep the shutter open for longer time. So naturally, whatever is recorded will be erased – meaning, all your past karma will be erased. When you take birth it is like opening the camera shutter for one moment. When you are initiated, the shutter is completely opened. Naturally, the sun’s rays enter and all your karmas are wiped out. That is why, when you are initiated, you are called dvija – twice born. You take a second life, a new life. And the one who operates your camera to hold the shutter open for that extra time is called the Guru – dispeller of darkness.