Swimming in space

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Our perception of the objective world is clearly distorted by our conditioning. When we look around us, what we see is a large number of diverse objects, with some space between each. Naturally, all our attention is on the objects, not on the space. Actually, the objects we see are too few and far apart, compared to the ocean of space they are swimming in! You will be shocked to know, if you were to remove the space between all the atoms on planet earth, the remaining matter would come to just about the size of a sugar cube! But in vacant space, the mind has nothing to hold on to. So naturally, it fixes itself on the objects and jumps the gaps between them. Just as we jump the time-gaps that exist between breaths or between thoughts, we jump the space-gaps that exist between objects. When we shift our focus to the gaps, we will realize that space or unmanifested energy is the reality, even in the material universe! This understanding can create a powerful cognitive shift in us, even in our daily life. It can drastically change the way we relate to our material possessions, to our gains or losses. Our priorities shift from matter to consciousness. Duration: Not applicable INSTRUCTIONS At all times, whenever you are looking, moving, relating to any person or object, let your awareness be on the space between you and that object. Feel very clearly that all the objects around you are just tiny particles swimming in space. They are just engulfed by space. The space is the reality. See space, hear space, feel space everywhere. Continuously experience the silent presence of space in and around you. When you work with this technique, you will lose your fascination with the material world and become centered on the silent consciousness that is always present, both outside and within.