The miracle of personal transformation

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So many miracles are happening to us every day!

Sometimes, when we are watching TV, suddenly we feel that the character we are watching is about to say something, and sure enough the character says exactly the same thing! Or sometimes, we are about to sit down for dinner, the door bell rings and we feel we know who is at the door; sure enough, it is the same person we thought about!  Over 50% of us have experienced similar happenings at some point in time of their lives. When this happens, most of the time we brush it off saying it’s a coincidence. Or, when these things happen to particular people repetitively, we attach the tag ‘gifted’ to them. We attach similar tags to those who see auras and sense the vibrational energy of people and places. 

When the magnitude of the experience is greater than this, we no longer term it a coincidence; we call them miracles. For example, someone predicts disasters correctly time and again; they forecast deaths. Others heal people who are given up as lost causes by doctors. Some persons produce substances out of thin air. All these, we call miracles.

But these are not the real miracles. It is when you stop taking things for granted, that the real miracles will become obvious to you. That you are alive is a miracle! Thousands of miracles keep happening within you, within your mind body system.

We always miss the miracles that are right around us, inside us. Are you the same person you were five years ago? Our body and mind carries a tremendous potential to continuously heal, learn, rejuvenate and transform itself. It is we who hold on to our old image of ourselves, not seeing that we have already changed!

Living consciously and joyfully with this transformation that is always happening in and around us is living enlightenment! If you can just trust your innate intelligence and live, you don’t need a technique to get enlightened! If you trust your intelligence and drop your mental set-up, you will be enlightened on the spot., It is just like dropping a pot – it falls and breaks, that’s all! But you do not believe easily. That is the problem. You ask for a technique. You say that it is so difficult to drop the old mental-setup, even though you know very well that it is creating suffering for you!

The word difficulty is the greatest difficulty! When you know fire burns, drop the fire! That’s all. Where is the difficulty? Be a little more intelligent. Drop what hurts. When you understand that the mental setup causes you trouble, drop it. You will then transform your being.

You ask, ‘How will I survive if I drop it?’ The seed always wonders, ‘What will happen to me if I break?’ Unless it breaks, the plant cannot grow out of it. Trust and open, trust and break; you will grow. If you make mistakes, it’s worth making mistakes, because you are going to grow.

Perfectionism is madness. The more you are far from perfect, the more God has grace for you. The search for perfection is a search for madness. A graveyard is a perfectly secure place. But it is not a place to live in; it is only for the dead. A ship is secure in the harbour, but it has to move out into the ocean to be of any use. As you move from ego to spontaneity, you will undergo the pain of transformation; that’s your penance, your tapas; that’s the price you pay for a better life. But once the transformation happens, everything will be a miracle. Every moment will be a miracle.