Power of Initiation (Deeksha)

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What is Deeksha? Deeksha means ‘initiation’ or the direct transfer of spiritual energy by an enlightened being through a touch, a word or a look. As millions of people are discovering every day at Nithyananda’s life-changing programs, an enlightened being can, with a single gesture, cause a spontaneous, incredible transformation in us on every level. Miraculous healing of diseases, intellectual clicks, mystical experiences and the wiping out of lifetimes of karmas can happen in a matter of days – sometimes minutes! How does Deeksha work? The beautiful mystical experience of deeksha can be explained to some extent by the principle of resonance. An enlightened being is a powerhouse of spiritual energy, constantly radiating in all directions. When we enter the spiritual field of such an enlightened being, our being begins to spontaneously vibrate at the same frequency as his own powerful spiritual vibrations. Just as a bowl of water will begin to hum when struck with a metal rod at the right frequency, an energy adept can subtly force our energy into higher spiritual frequencies by the sheer pressure of his own vibration. This is what is happening again and again with each of the participants in this program, every single time Nithyananda places his thumb on the participant’s brow chakra and forces his/her energy inward and upward. Deeksha is the most effortless and blissful way to raise our spiritual frequency. A moment’s deeksha received in a mood of intense surrender can bring about more irreversible transformation in your life than years of meditation and spiritual practice. In the deeksha video alongside, Nithyananda is initiating participants to become spiritual healers through the activation of their ananda gandha chakra or energy center. In an extraordinary spectacle of energy play that lasts over six hours, Nithyananda creates an explosion of superconscious healing energy, using divyashareeris (mediums or energy channels) to intensify the spiritual process. Releasing more than 15 times the usual healing power through his body, he channels it through the divyashareeris to reach the participants from every angle. Redesigning your software and hardware Deeksa works on three levels – the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the physical body. Even in the absence of a master, the conscious mind can be cleared by the right teachings, by removing the wrong ideas and taking in clear and correct ideas. The unconscious mind can be cleansed by meditation techniques. But ultimately, for the software change to be permanent, the hardware also has to change. The very brain grooves have to change to hold and radiate the experience of living enlightenment. This can happen through deeksha. When a master touches and initiates you, not only is the software of enlightened physiology downloaded into you, but the hardware, the brain itself, will be tuned to hold this new software by the grace of the master. If you are completely open during the touch, the software of enlightened physiology can be downloaded into you, changing your very physiology. Your body learns that it can be better than what it is now! When you have the grace of the master, both the hardware and software can be totally changed. Karmic cleansing and reprogramming Nithyananda says, “When the energy channels sit in a circle around me in a mood of deep devotion and surrender, I am able to penetrate right through their physical bodies. They become divyashareeris, extensions of my own physical body. So when a participant enters this elevated space, he is enveloped by my physical body itself, not just my energy body. If he is totally open and receptive, I can use that high-possibility moment to simply wipe out his negative bio-memories and create a blissful, strong bio-memory through karmic cleansing and reprogramming. To the extent that the participant is receptive, he can experience physical and mental healing.” As you can see, the energy he is radiating here is so strong that more than 90% of the participants received the initiation spontaneously, even before they were touched and initiated! For the energy channels, it is a never-before experience of intense kundalini awakening in a perfectly safe environment. Proving that distance is no barrier for energy, people who were watching the deeksha from countries around the world reported experiencing the intense vibrations of the deeksha.