Intense looking

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Just looking intensely at something can simply throw you back into yourself. Such is the power of looking. But you never look in this way. When you look at something , you never penetrate its depth, because half your attention is somewhere else! This kind of looking is ordinary looking. You always look through your mind! The moment your awareness rests on something, you try to verbalize the experience. When you verbalize, you create a gap. You start relating with your idea of the object, not with the object itself. When you look at something wordlessly, with pure awareness, you close the gap between the object and the subject. Without words, both the seen and seer become part of the continuum of seeing. Only the experience remains. When this happens, your energy is no longer flowing outward to the object. You are in a closed circuit where the energy is continuously circulating within. Your awareness takes a U-turn. You are looking out, but your awareness returns continuously to the one who is looking. Then looking is no longer an ordinary sense experience, but a deep meditation that again and again throws you into your source. Duration: Not applicable INSTRUCTIONS Look at things without bringing in any words. Pure awareness is meditation. When you are looking at a flower, just look. Do not verbalize the experience. Don’t say, even to yourself, ‘What a beautiful rose!’ Just see, being fully aware. That is really looking at the rose. Only then you can truly relate with the rose. Only then the rose reveals its reality to you. When you are silent, you give the other a chance to speak to you. Look at the moon in the night sky. Drink in the moon. Just watch, don’t think how beautiful it is! The moment you bring in words, you have created the gap; you have slipped out of meditation. Just enter into the experience. Become the experience.