Meditate on change

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Change is the greatest teacher. It teaches you in no uncertain terms that Existence is fluid and changing every minute. If this is understood, then all our emotions, all our fears, become irrelevant. When you understand change, you grow into a detachment that is beautiful and natural. Try this technique whenever you are outdoors, when you are with Nature, in a park or a garden, anywhere. Nature is the ultimate proof of change! Duration: Not applicable INSTRUCTIONS This is an open-eye meditation. You don’t need to sit still and close your eyes. In fact, you can stroll around if you wish, keeping your eyes wide open. Intensely take in the flow of life around you. Everywhere, grass is growing and withering away. Dry leaves are falling from the trees, and fresh young ones are taking their place. New shoots are growing out of the earth. Buds are blooming, flowers fade and fall. The butterflies flitting in the sun may not see tomorrow’s sunrise. The clouds in the sky form and dissolve, form and dissolve again. Change is the language that Nature speaks. Now look at your own body. Your face was not what it was ten years ago, what it will be a few years from now. Like the earth, the texture of your skin changes with the seasons. Even as you watch, your body is changing in a hundred ways. Every moment, your body is dying and rejuvenating itself. Life and death are everywhere, every moment. Everything is part of this great flow of change. Now close your eyes and sit still for a few moments. Just be with this understanding, allow it to soak into you. Relax deeply into this understanding. Feel the peace of this understanding. Relax into this silence.