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Ganesha, the elephant-headed, potbellied god, is at once the darling of devotees, the playmate of children, the god of auspicious beginnings and the prime deity of the Vedic tradition. The uniqueness of Ganesha is that he spans the whole range of human sensibilities and comprehension. As the presiding deity of the mooladhara chakra (the root energy center), he represents the basic stability and realistic understanding required to build a successful life. But Ganesha is also the god of ultimate wisdom, the compiler of the epic Mahabharata, and the supreme Cosmic vibration represented by the symbol ‘Om’. Molded by Goddess Parvati out of the earth, carrying a massive elephant-head on a human body, riding on a scrawny rat, famous for both his volatile temperament and his boundless grace, Ganesha takes in his majestic stride the whole impossible paradox that is Life.