The program has been totally revamped and the depth that we go into for each chakra has helped me to uncover and clarify the deep rooted, unconscious and engrained patterns that I have lived all my life. The exercises and processes work at such a deep level that it doesn't matter how many times you do them; there is always more to be revealed, more to learn and more to be cleared. Swamiji's energy was palpable during the program, especially during the meditations
After inner awakening, "My relationships with my family, friends or even with a new person, have become so meaningful and satisfying..."
After the Life Bliss Program, I have more clarity, more confidence...I know what to do now in my life..
I never thought a program like Life Bliss Program could ever give me so much clarification and that I would ever meditate. Every day I receive comments of this dramatic change and want to know where to sign up.
Life Bliss Program helped me understand now how I sabotaged my relationships and all my engrams have been washed away. I am coming out a new person and saved my marriage.
Life Bliss Program left me with such a deep feeling of inner peace and I was able to meet my day to day work challenges without any stress. It gave me deeper understandings...
At the Kalpataru program, The energy that I felt go through my body when I was in Swamiji's presence. It was so loving and compassionate and every word he spoke made so much sense to me.
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