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Life Bliss Program was the most impactful experience

This weekend I took the Life Bliss Program at my Satsang Center in Calgary, Canada. This is the 3rd time I have taken this program; the first time in 2009 and again as part of the Inner Awakening program in 2010. Having taken the program before, I wondered if I would still experience as great a benefit. Well I can tell you that this was the most impactful experience for me. The program has been totally revamped and the depth that we go into for each chakra has helped me to uncover and clarify the deep rooted, unconscious and engrained patterns that I have lived all my life. The exercises and processes work at such a deep level that it doesn't matter how many times you do them; there is always more to be revealed, more to learn and more to be cleared. Swamiji's energy was palpable during the program, especially during the meditations. I have experienced, once again, the phenomenal healing of these engraved memories and patterns. I feel like they have been swept away from my inner space. My heart felt gratitude to Swamiji for creating these programs and being ever present with your loving energy; and to the Teachers of the Nithyananda Order for their compassionate and loving leadership during the course.