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I understand now how I sabotaged my relationships

Life Bliss Program Level 1 helped me understand now how I sabotaged my relationships and all my engrams have been washed away. I am coming out a new person and I now am able to be in relationship that is fulfilling and enlightening. I had a lot of death in my life in childhood. I knew how difficult it was when I was a child but thought now that I am an adult,it is didn't affect me. I didn't realize that I kept picking men that would not be faithful. This program showed me that subconsciously I was selecting these types of men to keep my abandonment issues alive. I later took the other Life Bliss Programs to work through my childhood difficulties. The meditations have been so deep and I have come out a new and lighter person. I think back and I am so full of gratitude as if Swamiji didn't have these programs, I would have continued in this vicious cycle in my life. I have now met a wonderful man and hope to be married by the summer. Thank you Swamiji.