Questions to end all questions!
WHEN we ask a question, many a times the answers we get are unexpected. One such question is: Who Am I? We will certainly ask many questions in our lifetime. This question is central to all our other questions. The other questions supplement and compliment this central question.
Changing the world we live in!
OUR true nature is bliss. However, negativity fills much of our lives. This leads to suffering. We then wonder why we are unhappy. We can control anger and depression by meditation. Just by analysing the seven chakras that are in our body, and the individual consciousness, we can remove negativity...
LEADERSHIP is not a quality. It is an experience that an individual who has undergone personal growth and transformation radiates. This is the simple truth. There are so many books these days about leadership and how it is an important part of making an organization successful. There are so many...
Mountains become mustard seeds!
WE CRINGE when questions come our way. We try to avoid searching questions that cause us to look within. Only questions that lead us towards the experience of peace will give us bliss. Bliss or joy is grossly misunderstood. We equate it with the excitement of a new acquisition
Aloneness leads to enlightenment
WE ARE constantly searching outside for answers. It is almost as if the answers to all our questions and problems can be found outside, somewhere, somehow. How often do we succeed in that?
Possess nothing, enjoy everything
DO YOU respect a beggar? Do you disrespect a rich man? In today’s world, people are evaluated only on the basis of their possessions and status. A person’s worth in society is decided on the basis of how much he or she owns. Apart from his physical wealth, his power and influence become important....
How we choose our birth
Whether you believe it or not, your life and all its happy and painful circumstances have been consciously chosen by you at the time of your previous death!
Swimming in space
ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Our perception of the objective world is clearly distorted by our conditioning. When we look around us, what we see is a large number of diverse objects, with some space between each. Naturally, all our attention is on the objects, not on the space.
Inspiration for conscious living
“Being a natural inspiration for conscious living for those around you is living enlightenment.”