What is initiation?

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Initiation is the direct transmission of Truth from master to disciple. When a teacher conveys the truth to a student in words, it is called a teaching.When an enlightened master directly transmits the experience of Truth to the disciple, it is called initiation. When the Truth is experientially transmitted, the disciple straightaway gets a glimpse, he has a powerful spiritual experience that is beyond his logic. He gets a ‘click’! If this click happens in the disciple, it means the initiation has happened. When the Truth comes from the enlightened experience, from the pure inner space, you do not know why, how or what, but you suddenly see it is true! It clicks, even though one part of your logic continues to fight. The initiation need not be in a form of a mantra. It can be just a few words, a clear expression of the truth that sinks deep within you and lifts you into its own space. It literally explodes in you, in your consciousness. Truth has the power to shake you! As you listen, you start to live by it. You cannot forget it. Your life changes without any effort. This is the power of Truth. Initially, a part of your logic continues to fight with it, because too much is at stake.If you accept the Truth and start expressing it in your life, all your vested interests are at risk, your very life as you know it is at risk. But your core, your being understands. You may not understand logically, but suddenly your heart feels connected to the words being uttered, the truth being expressed. Unless you are tired of living with the ordinary logic, mere logic which cannot help you to look into your own life, your own mind, you cannot open up to the master’s initiation! Using your logic is not the problem. But when you trust your logic more than your intelligence, all your suffering begins. The logic which dissects, which judges, which does not allow you to trust anything or open up to anyone, which does not allow any transformation to happen in you, is your first enemy. From love to enlightenment, anything can rejuvenate you, anything can make you feel that life is worthy, only when you open up. If you open up to one person, you experience love. If you open up to a few people, you experience compassion, if you open up to the whole universe, you experience enlightenment, that’s all.