Secret of mantra

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, February 25, 2012


When you chant your mantra, visualize that it is rotating around the throat in a circulating rotating way. See, normally you utter in linear way - this is japa. Ajapa means, the sound and mantra should be moving in circular way. When you visualize that, your mouth is locked and you will feel immediately the mild vibration of that mantra.

When chanting, wear an energized rudraksha bead exactly on the Vishuddhi chakra, in the hollow of the throat. This is the place where the air is getting converted into sound. If you wear energized rudraksha there, constantly every word coming out will have the coat of that mantra. It becomes like the ajapa japa. Maybe we can give a new name - eN-Chanting! You will see this rudraksha and the mild vibration meeting, and the kundalini in you will be awakened.


In the Tibetan tradition they have the prayer wheel. When they chant the mantra om mani padme hum, they have a wheel to visualize the circular movement of the mantra. If you want to train your mind, have a prayer wheel. It can raise the awareness. See how much ever you practice, you forget to unclutch continuously. But when you are chanting the mantra, it is action-based. As you are programmed for action, inaction-based restful awareness is constantly forgotten and missed by you. But the action-based awareness can be powerful process for enlightenment. 


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