Renounce without suffering

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Let me define tyaaga. Not converting the shocks received by you from life into pain or anger or guilt or pain is tyaaga. See, there are three levels of tyaaga. Tyaaga in return for certain pleasures is a low level tyaaga; it is not even tyaaga, it is bargaining. Tyaaga for certain high level pleasures, eg. for the sake of enlightenment - that is the next level of tyaaga. It means, renouncing with the idea - once I renounce everything, I will achieve the Ultimate. This is the tyaaga of many spiritual seekers. The next level tyaaga radiating tyaaga - tyaaga for no reason.

There is a beautiful Buddhist process, a powerful process, which is - inhaling all the sufferings and pains, anger and negativity of the world, and releasing all the positive auspicious things out to the world. Inhale all the bad and exhale all the good - because your heart has the capacity to transform every bad thing into good thing. Your heart is a pure diamond. Anything you go and touch to your heart, it becomes pure.

See the tyaaga of Sita in Ramayana! See, to live with a personality like Rama is the ultimate ecstasy. But she did not have line of anger when she was forced to give up Rama. I can say, Sita is embodiment of this process – inhaling, taking in all the sufferings, pains, negativity of the world and radiating only tremendous joy and love. What an extraordinary tyaaga! 


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