Love at first sight

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Q: Is there such a thing as love at first sight? – Uma, Tirupur 

Uma, you are waiting to fall for somebody or waiting for somebody to fall for you. Then naturally the moment you see – the first sight happens - you fall. I don’t even want to say love at first sight. It is love before even the first sight happens. When you are empty within, hollow within, begging for attention, love at first sight happens. Understand, whenever love at first sight happens, the person is very poor in his inner space. You are waiting for a boy to smile, for a girl to smile, and you fall.

See, sometimes when you stand on top of a tall building and look down, the depth invites you to fall. All love at first sight is you honoring the invitation from the depth! Do not ever believe this love at first sight. But when it comes to Guru-disciple relationship, believe only love at first sight, because you should be craving so much that the moment you see him, you fall in love. If that is not there, please understand, he is not your Guru; please move on. Only when you have intense craving, the moment you see him you know, yes, this the one I am looking for whole life. Seeking is inner richness. Attention-seeking is inner poverty. If the love at first sight happens in the spiritual realm, you are immensely rich in your inner space.

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