How much have I grown spiritually?

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, January 31, 2012           

Yesterday, somebody was asking me, Swamiji, can you tell me how much I have grown spiritually? I tell you, the scale to measure that you have grown spiritually is the honest feeling that master has for you. If you pull out your file from the archives which is inside me, the conclusion of that file - that is your spiritual growth. Cosmos’ feeling about you - that is your spiritual growth.

The most funniest thing happens around masters is, some fellows think that by just holding on to the place or some status, they can achieve the Ultimate. No. Real achievement happens by the understanding or the conclusion the master carries about you. I tell you, you can give up anything to create and re-write that properly. Nothing else matters on planet Earth - your physical growth, mental growth, relationships, wealth - everything can happen right if master’s grace is there in you.

So build right file in master’s heart. Evolve yourself where master really trusts you. Nothing else matters in the life if your master can say you are his friend and companion. Prepare yourself and make yourself worthy of Master’s feeling-connection. You feeling connection with Master is not that important. He feeling connection with you is important. You seeing him is not important, because you will pick up whatever is comfortable for you and do that. But when he sees you, he will pour all his energy into you.


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