God and world are as you create them

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Sunday, February 19, 2012

God is like a pure shining sun. How you see him depends on the prism with which you see! With any prism you see, that is the way you will see! So you need to understand, if you see him with tremendous love, he will be there responding to you. If you see him with tremendous insecurity, he will be there reflecting that. Whatever way you approach him, he is there. Whatever way you look at him, he is there. I can say, the whole world appears to you as you approach it.

God is too big to be branded and marketed in one religion, in one form. So in whatever form, whatever name, you approach him, he is there. I can say, it is really a powerful understanding. It liberates you from millions of bondages and disturbances and psychological pains. Whatever way you approach God, he also approaches you in the same way in order to complete you. World also approaches you in the same way to complete you. Even with the universe, whatever way you approach decides the result. Suppose you are failing, it means you are waiting for failure to happen. Whatever climax you are expecting is bound to happen today or tomorrow. You always see the world the way you are, not the way the world is. So now, create the new world and new you. Let your new vision be as you create. With the right understanding, you reach fulfillment.


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