Essence of my teachings

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

People are asking me continuously – “Swamiji, your teachings are so vast, so broad. What can we tell people when they ask us what is the essence of your teachings?” How can you say what is the essence of ocean? Essence of ocean is ocean! Anyhow, now I am giving you the essence. eN-chanting (ajapa japa), feeling connection, unclutching. All these three are the essence. Let your vaak (speech-power) be engaged in ajapa japa, let your emotion be engaged in the strong prayerful feeling connection, let your being be engaged in unclutching. This must be the trend with which you are carrying on with your daily life.

Take up any mantra to chant as ajapa japa. Develop feeling connection to any God, any guru, is okay. Unclutching from all the mortal, feeling connection strongly with immortal. This is the essence of my teachings. Yoga, kriya, meditation, everything else is supplementary. Feeling connection is the bridge between ajapa japa and unclutching. You can translate this word ‘feeling connection’ as prayerful mood, bhakti, emotionally overflowing in ecstasy, bhaava samadhi - whatever word you want to use. With all these three put together, you can now attack the layer of maya, layer of delusion, layer of restrictive patterns, layer of illusion, layers of suffering. Start in ajapa japa, move in feeling connection, be in unclutching! Understand, raising human consciousness to the next level is possible only if all these three are lived. 


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