Yoga is much more than just bending the body or focusing the mind – it is a pathway to expressing the extraordinary in every human being, it is a method to realize the ultimate potential latent within us.
You are afraid of being without thoughts. Even if you are without thoughts for a few moments, the Consciousness will conquer you, the Consciousness will capture you. Your mind will be replaced by consciousness.
In a milestone achievement for the education wing of the Nithyananda Mission, the Nithyananda Yoga & Meditation University (NYMU also known as NMU) was awarded life-time exemption under CEC ( California Education Code) 94874(e)(1), by the Bureau of Private & Postsecondary Education for the State of California, to award religious degrees autonomously.
18 May 2012: 'We express our strong condemnation of the Central Government’s decision to reclassify Baba Ramdev’s three charitable trusts as commercial ventures, and levy income taxes to the tune of Rs.58 crore (580 million) on their ayurvedic medicine sales for the year 2009-10.'
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