In this morning's (24-Aug-2012) satsang, a devotee asked a question about a miracle that happened in a Shiva temple recently. According to a news report, in a temple located in Thepperumanallur (Thanjavoor district of Tamil Nadu), a cobra was spotted worshiping a Shiva linga with sacred bilva leaves on the auspicious day of Makara Sankranti. (see pictures below)
Here in these letters Megan Scott writes about her experiences of Swamiji's guidance as she takes each step of her life.
Hyderabad volunteer Mahesh was in the Nithyanandeshwara Temple, Hyderabad, during live relay of Shivaratri festival on 2 way Nayana Deeksha. The deities were facing the screen when Swamiji was dancing the tandava. Mahesh turned and saw Devi Rajeshwari smiling! He immediately took a picture of Her. Here is the mystical photo of Devi smiling!
The festival of Navratri celebrates the transition from words to silence, action to knowledge, from narrow mindedness to broad mindedness. Navratri is all about awakening the dormant divine consciousness in each one of us. At Dhyanapeetam Navaratri is celebrated with puja's homas and yagnas.
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