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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, 24 March 2012

In your thought process, you usually expect that the end of every action, the result of everything you do, should be you. Either it should bring pleasure to you, or it should avoid pain for you. If the end result of your any thought-process is based on your fear or greed, that is self-centeredness. Even if it based on your concept that you are doing Tyaaga (sacrifice), it is selfishness. If your thought process is not constantly centered on what you are going to gain or lose, but on what others are going to gain or lose, it is real Tyaaga.

When real Tyaaga happens in you, you will not even know it is Tyaaga. You will not even know you are a Tyaagi. You will just be living, and tyaaga will be happening through you. Tyaaga is a spiritual current which runs through your nervous system and strengthens it again and again. See, if joy runs through your body, romance runs through your body, you feel an inspiration to live. Same way, when Tyaaga runs through your system, you will experience freedom. Tyaaga is just like engine oil for your system. Unclutching is only a lubrication oil. Tyaaga is engine oil itself.

And understand, it is not that others’ gain is always your loss. It is a wrong thought process. Just stop with this word – let me think of welfare of others. That’s all. Then you will see, you will evolve a new understanding, where Tyaaga takes care of your well-being also.


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