Nothing can be added to you

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Honesty is nothing but romancing with life as it happens. Executing your life with right understanding of your Existence is romance with life. The day I realized that nothing remains to be done in my inner space, I became enlightened. Realize, in the inner space, nothing needs to be done. You don’t even need any sadhana or method - just understanding and contemplating on Truth, that’s all. Blessed are those who listen to these truths from the beloved master - not from the respected master! When you listen from the respected master, only the fear-related ideas goes inside you. Only with beloved master, everything goes inside you - because beloved won’t cheat you.

Your existence should know that you are deathless, nothing more needs to be added, you are fulfillment personified. But your feeling of fulfilment should not make you lazy, or your feeling that you need to work constantly should not make you incomplete. That is the paradox. If you feel complete, you stop working. If you are working, it is because you feel incomplete. When you start feeling there is something incomplete in your existence, whether you act or not, you will only be suffering and torturing others. When you feel your existence is more complete than any completion possible, then it radiates not only your fulfillment, but creates fulfillment for others too. The moment you understand this great truth, your body just gets surrendered, and you never ever assume your body again, even when you live in it.


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