Imbibe life with humbleness

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, 24th May, 2012

If you move with humbleness and the attitude to imbibe, every stone, every tree will teach you. I am not talking about humble submission in front of the Guru. Have that attitude with everything. You will be enriched. When you need, that file will come up. With a new culture, a new place, a new person, to a new field - with anything, do not have prejudice. With this attitude, even from the terrorist philosophy you will learn something right and good. I have seen people becoming arrogant reading great advaitic literatures, and people becoming enlightened reading the worst terrorist books. And I tell you, by humble submission and imbibing, you will never be cheated. You will only imbibe exactly what is required.

Try this as a process. Sit and decide mentally to pay your respect to every object around you, saying silently – “With all humbleness, I submit to you. Whatever is your essence, let it become part of me.” Maybe the carpet, or the chair, or anything which is around you. Please understand, you can first learn the habit of imbibing only with objects which are around you. If you cannot humbly submit yourself to the chair in front of you, you cannot submit yourself to God. If you imagine God and imagine your submission, it will only be ego playing with ego. Anyway, what is divinity? When you add humbleness, it becomes divine, that’s all!  So add humbleness to the life. Let the life itself become divine!


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