Desires cannot fulfil you

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 Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Monday, January 23, 2012


Whether you are young or old, life has to be snatched away. Whether you are 6 or 60, 8 or 80, life has to be snatched away from you. The quality of sense-pleasures is, they make you numb to the happening of time. Understand, no desire can be fulfilled by going through the act -  whether eating or listening or seeing or physical touch pleasure - Sometime the mind will say - if I get into this act, I may get out of this engram, I may feel released, relieved. No! The desires are never satisfied by going into it. When the pattern is discovered, the most intelligent thing to be done is drop it. Just drop it.

This is one of the oldest myth with which human beings live – thinking that through action, you can come out of the pattern. No. Through action you can never come out of the pattern. Patterns can be dropped only by three ways: one – through intelligence, two – through simply straight inspired will, three – through initiation. Only these three ‘I’ can drop the patterns. Intelligence, inspired will, initiation. Never by going into it, never by working with the desire. Don’t work with the pattern, work on the pattern. All the fellows who work with the pattern get caught with the pattern. Working with the pattern means respecting the pattern, so when you work with it, you get caught with it. Working ON the pattern is the way to come out of the pattern.


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