The container, the field, the catalyst

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"Certain areas on earth are more sacred than others, some on account of their situation, others because of their sparkling waters, and others because of the association or habitation of saintly people." Mahabharata, Anusanana Parva 108: 16-18 The ideal kshetra contains the three aspects essential for sustaining and transmitting powerful spiritual energies. The first of these is the murti, the idol which contains the energy., made of a special material that can reflect and hold energy for sustained periods of time without disintegrating. The idols in a temple are always sculpted or molded from such materials. Such an idol, in which the Cosmic energy has been invoked and ‘bolted in’ through proper ritual disciplines , is called a murti. Just as the energy of the sun can be focused through a lens and powerful energy transmission can happen, the consecrated murti becomes the lens to focus and radiate intense cosmic energy. Acting as a ‘spiritual reactor’, the murti can radiate this energy over prolonged periods of time, sometimes even centuries! The second is sthalam - the energy-field. Certain locations serve as natural energy depending on their geological positioning, presence of minerals in the earth or underground running water. Other fields are those which have become energy hubs because of the continuous worship and spiritual activities there over prolonged periods of time. Any space which has been sanctified by prayer and rituals eventually evolves into a sthalam. The third is teertham – a sacred water body. Most kshetras are located by or near rivers, the ocean or mineral water springs. Sea-water and mineral water are powerful natural electrolytes, acting as catalysts for the process of energy transmission to happen. Interestingly when water is exposed to a high electric potential, it ionizes rapidly. So the water in a teertham, which is continuously exposed to the powerful energies of the field, is actually a superconductor of cosmic energy! When we enter such a water-body, negative energies are cleansed and our body is made ready to absorb positive energy influences. Hence the practice of first taking a dip in the healing water-body before visiting the sanctum of the temple.