Big Bang and Black Hole

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Guru disciple relationships is like Big Bang and Black Hole - both. When you enter into me, you disappear into something beyond your comprehension - that is what we call as black hole. What is big bang? Whenever you see something beyond your comprehension, it is Big Bang! When your identity moves away from you, something completely new happens in you, something completely new takes over you. The new taking over you is Big Bang. Big Bang means initiation, black hole means surrender. Buddha’s enlightenment is black hole, Shankara’s enlightenment is Big Bang. Shankara constantly talks about Poornatva and Buddha constantly talks about shoonyatva. But both are one and the same - and you cannot understand both!

I will be constantly speaking, you will never be able to hear anything, but your heart will be listening. Me speaking, and you not hearing, but whatever I am saying, your heart will be listening - that is what is Upanishad! I tell you, directly working with the master as per his guidance is an extended and continuous learning process. That clarifies many of the spiritual truths, makes you understand Living Enlightenment and makes Living enlightenment possible. So even though you don’t understand, I will make one more statement - Black hole is making you whole, Big bang is Bang to wake you up! Black hole is making you as whole, Big bang is Inner Awakening. Understand, biggest bang on your consciousness is Inner Awakening! Receive that biggest bang, you will become whole.


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