Authenticity means living the truth

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Just look into your life. Maybe you are paying your taxes to your country. But are you paying back to the universe, are you keeping the balance sheet with the universe also properly? What is the meaning of keeping the balance sheet in tune with the cosmos? Means, just remembering continuously that you are not qualified for anything; everything is showered on you. You don’t need to pay anything back. Cosmos does not ask for any tax. No. Only the attitude that everything is a gift to you. Gratitude is such a powerful ingredient. The moment you add that, honesty becomes authenticity.

I have seen, people many time mistake honesty for authenticity. No. Honesty is more like a hot love. Authenticity is like a cool stream. Understand, honesty will always be demanding - I am honest, you be honest. Authenticity will be always flowing – I am flowing, I don’t bother about you. Honesty burns you and others. Authenticity fills you and others. Many people say, I am honest, but still I have not received your grace in my life. The very foundation of your honesty is foolishness! It is very rare that people evolve from honesty to authenticity. If you are honest, you will have your place at my feet. But if you are authentic, you will have your place in my heart. Blessed are those who evolve from honesty to authenticity. Authenticity means living the truth, non-compromising, non-suffering and non-bending, with courage and non-violence.


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