Aim at the aimer!

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

There is a beautiful sutra by Bodhidharma’s follower Saraha, one lady enlightened master who was a highly evolved soul. She was a Tibetan Buddhist Tantric. She writes in her poem - When you send the arrow, not only the extra sensory perceptions in outer world is achieved, even in inner world it is awakened.  Archery is not just the art related to the outer goal alone. Archery needs so much of understanding, concentration, ability to perceive the truth. See, if you are a master archer, your inner space will be so finetuned and sharpened. The moment you concentrate on any mysteries in life, you will understand. If you attack a point, a goal, you need to understand what is the distance, where is it exactly. From long distance, your inner space need to come to many conclusions – what is the distance, height, length and the speed with which you need to attack that point. So many extra senses has to happen for archery. That is why Saraha describes when you practice archery, the understanding of the goal is achieved. Please understand, your 7th sense needs to be awakened – calculating, judging, perceiving, making the decision and sending the arrow - so many things need to awakened. Archery is the art where, if you are a successful archer, you will grasp any idea you look into. That intense concentrated mind will be straightaway useful to understand the truths of life and get enlightened.


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