Summons illegal according to Hague Convention

According to the Hague Convention (2007) as applicable to India, only a judicial officer authorized by a Central Authority (Ministry of Law & Justice) can serve a summons. Ajit, editor of Suvarna is a media person, not an authorized judicial officer. Trying to serve a summons illegally is a planned crime and a fraud. Also, by serving an illegal summons publicly to Nithyananda and telecasting the same on live TV being watched by thousands, Ajit has made a deliberate and malicious attempt to smear the public reputation of Nithyananda. This is definitely a planned conspiracy against Nithyananda and Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam co-ordinated by Suvarna. We request the law to look into these grave offences and take immediate action against Ajit, Suvarna TV and all others responsible for this conspiracy.