English translation of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's interview with pudiya Tamizhagam

Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s interview in Pudiya Thalaimurai TV 17June 2012

Paramahamsa Nithyananda who has been nominated as the Madurai Adheenam has for the past few days been caught in various cases, has now been released and is now staying in Madurai Adheenam. We are now questioning him regarding the various cases

Question: Swami there are several cases against you, what is the cause for all these cases, can you explain it to us?

If we look deeply a private TV channel was propagating a hate campaign against me continuously by telecasting some abusive and wrong news about me. In order to answer it we were conducting a press meet. In that press meet itself a private TV channel’s reporter tried to give a lawyer’s summon from US, it was not a court summon. He was trying to give it illegally. Summons according to the  Hague convention can be given only through a legal representative, a press person cannot give it. But he came inside in the name of a media person as a reporter and tried to give the summon. If it was a court summon I would have definitely taken it. It was a lawyer’s notice and there was no necessity for me to take it at that time. So I refused to take it, but he falsely spread the news that he was abused. I told him that he was not a legal representative and so I cannot receive it, I told him to do the media job alone. A person meeting the press is a sacred ritual of democracy, media is the eye and ear of democracy. It is wrong of him to have come to do something which is other than a press meet. I said here the media person who have come to do the job of press can stay but if you have come to do something else you can now go out. But he has falsely given a report that he was beaten , hit and sent out. Whatever has happened there has gone live in many channels, it is video recorded, no one beat him or hit him. It is clear that they just asked him to go out, but he gave a false complaint. Not only that in the evening people belonging to some organization once again attacked my Sannyasis and sannyasinins in a press meet and that is also video recorded. In all this we never did any mistake, totally all the happenings have been video recorded. It is not only video recorded by us it has been recorded in all TV channels.

Question ; about the abusal complaint against Swami which was telecast continuously…?

It was not continuously telecast.  It is the same person who complained in 2010 who has come once again and is again and again giving the complaint through one particular media.  It is not many people it is the same single person. That same person has come once more. Next thing, this whole incident has been video recorded and so there is no mistake on our part. Even than he gave a false report and announced that the police are searching. They said that they wanted to arrest me. Karnataka Chief Minister also stated that I should be arrested, so I voluntarily and surrendered in the court and the bail process happened, you all know. As soon as I got bail in that case once again a case was put against me and I was jailed. This is illegal and abusive and that is why we have given a case in the high court. I have faith in judiciary and in God.

Question : about the finding of liquor bottles found in the ashram (audio not clear…..?)

That is a complete lie. The place where they are showing it is present if you see is near the compound area. It is a place where no body visits. If you look at the way it is thrown you can find out that it is thrown from outside the compound. Some mischief mongers have thrown it inside and video recording it are continuously showing it in TV in the news. But the SP who after coming out after raiding the ashram, has himself given a press meet stating that there is no evidence against Nithyananda in the ashram.

Question :  relating to the way the Madurai Adheenam has reacted to this (audio not clear)

The 292nd Guru Mahasannidanam is remaining with us with full support and courage for us. again and again he has spoken amongst the press and yesterday also he said very clearly that there is no change and that Paramahamsa Nithyananda alone is the next heir to the Madurai Adheenam. Yesterday also he has said that there is no change in the fact that Paramahamsa Nithyanand is the 293rd Guru Mahasannidanam. He is remaining as the biggest support and courage for us.