Aug 24

Miracle of a Cobra Performing Shiva Pooja during Solar Eclipse

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In this morning's (24-Aug-2012) satsang, a devotee asked a question about a miracle that happened in a Shiva temple recently. According to a news report, in a temple located in Thepperumanallur (Thanjavoor district of Tamil Nadu), a cobra was spotted worshiping a Shiva linga with sacred bilva leaves on the auspicious day of Makara Sankranti. (see pictures below)



Cobra entering the sanctum of Shiva temple with Bilva leafe
The cobra with the bilva leave in the mouth crawling towards the Shiva Linga
Cobra on top of Shiva Linga offering Bilva Leafe
Cobra offering Bilva leaf to Shiva Linga
Bilva leaf in the mouth of cobra as it offers it to Shiva Linga
Swamiji said that this incident was indeed true, and also revealed that divine beings do take animal bodies for various reasons, so one can never guess which soul is in which body!
here is the link to the news article 
Watch the whole satsang here: (The link will be updated once the video is posted)