Nov 11

On this Auspicious Day 11.11.11

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On this auspicious date of 11/11/11, Swamiji reveals his insights into the coming planetary shift of 2012 and touches on the Mayan Calendar, commenting that even after so many interpretations, the meaning of the prophecies is uncertain. In Swamiji's perception, those who anticipate global disaster are mistaken and does not foresee any grand-scale tragedies. What is predicated is a jump in human awareness, from consciousness to super-consciousness. Activities that are currently considered miracles, or at least psychic phenomena, will soon be everyday events: telepathy, teleportation, materializing objects from just our visualization and levitation, as well as other abilities. Swamiji recommends we prepare for this shift by awakening our kundalini energy, which activates the subtle grooves of the brain. Swamiji shared the Gifts from the Cosmos that got reveled in him recently: “the Daiva or the Deity Mantra for the sanga is going to be Om Hreem Nithyanandeshwaraye Namaha. Swamiji blessed and initiated all the participants of the “11.11.11 Program” and everyone else into the Guru mantra and the Daiva or Ishwara Mantra. That is all is all the words that can be said at this time as the experiential part is just beyond words.